For months now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are headed for divorce, and interestingly, there was a time when the couple was rather suspiciously silent on those reports.

Following a highly-publicized rough patch – during which Kim was robbed at gunpoint, and Kanye suffered an emotional breakdown that caused him to check into a mental health facility – neither party denied reports that they were living in separate homes.

Now, after a brief period in which Kim and Kanye were able to rekindle the spark of their romance, it looks as though they’re once again on the outs.

And this time, those closest to the couple believe they’re ready to call it quits for good.

“Right now, things are very tough for their marriage,” a source close to Kimye tells 

Kim and Kanye’s third wedding anniversary is next week, and insiders say they’ll mark the occasion thousands of miles apart, as Kanye has chosen to work on his forthcoming album at a remote studio in Wyoming.

Interestingly, insiders say Kim doesn’t seem troubled by Kanye’s absence and actually seems to be in a better mood when he’s not around.

“I think she’s enjoying the freedom to do what she wants, knowing Kanye’s out of the city and has a good crew around him,” says one source.

But while they may be enjoying the time apart, sources say the fact that they’re so content to reside in separate states is not a good sign for the future of their relationship.

“We’re all concerned that this could be a sign their marriage is on the rocks and that they want time apart. Kanye is in a very odd place in his life right now, so he’s happy to take a break,” one tipster tells the Mail.

“Kim convinced him that this was the best solution for him, as it would allow him to take time out of the spotlight.”

It’s worth noting that these sources are speaking with a London tabloid on condition of anonymity, which means everything they’re saying should be taken with a grain of salt.

But it’s also worth noting that Kim and Kanye are once again choosing to remain silent on the issue.

And in this case, that decision might be speaking volumes.

Source: celebweddings