For weeks now, we’ve known that all is not well in the marriage of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West.

It seems that things began to take a downturn in the weeks after Kim was robbed at gunpoint at a hotel in Paris.

Insiders say Kanye was unwilling or unable to provide her with the support that she needed following that traumatic event, and for the first time, Kim began to have doubts about her third marriage.

From there, the situation deteriorated rapidly, with Kanye being hospitalized following an emotional breakdown, and the couple living in separate homes for several weeks.

Sources have indicated that the arrangement was devised to ensure the safety of Kim and Kanye’s children, as serious questions about West’s psychological stability remained.

Now, however, doctors have reportedly given Kanye approval to move back in with his family, but it seems his marriage is still under considerable strain.

“[Kanye] has become a totally different person than the man that Kim married,” an insider close to the situation tells Radar Online.

The source adds:

“She is and always has been in love with Kanye, but she just does not love the things that he is doing right now.

“Kim is done babysitting him when she already has two kids to take care of.”

Yesterday, Kanye posted a holiday photo that showed him posing with his wife and two children, but few seem convinced that the pic serves as evidence that all is well in the Wests marriage.

Several other sources have confirmed that Kimye is ready to call it quits, and while accounts concur that it was Kim’s idea to pull the plug on their marriage, there’s little agreement about the straw that broke the camel’s back.

Some say the split has been a long time coming, and that recent events have simply made it easier for Kim to justify her decision to divorce.

Others insist that she had resolved to make her marriage work, but Kanye’s recent stunts – such as his unexpected meeting with Donald Trump – drove her to the edge, and led her to wonder if her husband’s antics would prove damaging to her career.

She feels like his meeting with Trump was a slap in the face,” a source tells Life & Style.

“Kim has tried to protect Kanye from himself for years, but she can no longer do it.”

Obviously, Kim’s private life is a huge part of her career and public image, so her fears that Kanye’s behavior might impact her future earnings are not unfounded.

But at least one insider says Kim’s concerns for her reputation might actually lead her to stay with her troubled husband for the time being:

“Kim really does not want to deal with her image being ruined because of another sloppy divorce,” says an unidentified insider.

“So at the moment, that is not an option.”

Source: celebweddings