Super Bowl LI might not have been such a fun time for the Atlanta Falcons or for people hoping to show their kids a cautionary tale about how cheaters never prosper, but there are some non-Pats fans and non-presidents who enjoyed the game.

Take Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, for example.

After Kim went on vacation without Kanye last month, many took it as an indication that the couple was done for good.

Now, however, it looks like Kimye enjoyed a super reunion on the day of the big game.

Sources say Kim returned to LA over the weekend, and she and Kanye were spotted enjoying a 

“They seemed to have fun catching up,” an insider tells People magazine.

“There was no tension between them. Instead, they both seemed very happy.”

The source adds that Kim and Kanye were joined by daughter North and son Saint, and that the entire family seemed to enjoy the festivities.

“They spent several hours at the party,” says the source.

“Everyone seemed happy!”

Granted, “everyone seemed happy” is pretty faint praise, but it’s a step in the right direction.

In case you missed it, Kim and Kanye divorce rumors were flying fast and furious for a couple months there, and it looked like there was real reason to believe these two were on the verge of calling it quits.

In November, Kanye was hospitalized after an emotional breakdown, and his erratic behavior had reportedly put a serious strain on his marriage. 

After his release, he and Kim briefly lived in separate homes, in what was reportedly a safety precaution.

For a while, they cohabited in Kanye’s post-hospital hideout, and then Kim jetted off to Costa Rica for a family vacation that had been scheduled before West’s latest round of troubles.

Obviously, it’s hard to gather a whole lot from one Super Bowl party appearance, but it seems that the Wests are at least attempting to make their marriage work.

Even the fact that Kanye has disavowed his support of Donald Trump is being taken as an indication that he’s fighting to make things right with his wife.

(Kim was an ardent Hillary Clinton supporter, and many were shocked when West visited Donald Trump back in December.)

It’s too soon to say what the future hold for these two, but for now, it seems clear that they both want to make their marriage work.

And sometimes that’s enough.

Source: celebweddings