While sometimes Kim Kardashian uses her platform for a good cause, don’t think that she’s suddenly down-to-earth and totally attuned to “the little people.” Because she just got thrown a curveball.

Is Steph Shepherd thinking about quitting her job as Kim Kardashian’s assistant? Kourtney suggests as much on this Keeping Up With The Kardashians preview video.

And, as you can hear for yourself, Kim sounds pissed.

So, in this preview clip, Kim Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian are talking.

(Literally imagine for a moment becoming a multimillionaire and one of the most famous families in the world in part because of hanging out with your siblings and talking)

Kim … sounds like she’s fishing for a fight of some sort, because it’s like she’s holding this tension in her face.

Very conversationally, to Kourtney, she says:

“How was last night? I heard you went out with Steph.”

Steph, of course, is Steph Shepherd, Kim’s personal assistant.

“It was fun,” Kourtney responds. “We had a good fun night.”

She could have left it at that … but then they wouldn’t be the Kardashians that we know, now would they?

“But just a heads up,” Kourtney continues. “We were talking and she was just saying she didn’t know what she wanted to do in life.”

Whoa … but she’s already doing something in life: Kim’s bidding.

Kourtney continues: “And she feels like maybe she’s in a place where like she’s unfulfilled job-wise … I feel like she’s just looking to like evolve.”

That makes sense. There’s not much room for a promotion, right? It’s not like, if Steph works really hard, she’ll one day be promoted and become Kim.

Kim … does not take this news well.

First, Kim gets defensive: “I mean she does have a bigger role in designing Kimoji and doing stuff like that.”

And then … Kim goes on the attack.

“But I do think,” Kim says. “It’s like inappropriate for her to talk to you and not to me … I mean don’t you think that’s like a little bit unprofessional?”

Except that it isn’t.

Steph was speaking to Kourtney, her friend. She’s not spilling Kim’s secrets or whatever.

If anything, Kourtney’s being a bad friend, here.

It seems like Kourt realizes this, because she sticks up for Steph:

“I think we were talking about like life in general,” Kourtney explains. “And because we were talking about it then she brought it up.”

You would think that Kourtney had just told Kim that Kanye was feeling dissatisfied in his marriage.

“That’s like a convo she should have with me,” Kim replies in an offended-sounding tone.

Kourtney still tries to smooth things over:

“Well now you have the insider info, you can have your answer all prepared.”

And Kourtney seems to think that it’s going to come up:

“I’m just giving you a heads up because she’s probably gonna say something.”

But … what if Steph was just speaking to Kourtney in the moment, and is overall satisfied with her job for now?

Was Kim prepared to sit around for weeks or months, waiting for Steph to say something and assuming that Steph totally hates her job?

Well, if Kim and Steph didn’t have their talk yet … the cat’s out of the bag, now.

But they’ve probably dealt with it.

We’re sure that Kim doesn’t want to break in a new personal assistant any time soon. Especially since Kim’s third baby could arrive sooner than expected.

It’s normal for people to wonder about their prospects and their direction in life. It’s normal for them to confide it in friends, if perhaps not in their boss’ sister.

You know, Kim used to be Paris Hilton’s sidekick, so you’d think that she’d understand that dissatisfaction.

But … Kim’s never had a real job. She works hard, but it’s not the same as being a personal assistant. Not by a long shot.

Source: celebweddings