Last month, Kanye West was hospitalized after suffering an emotional breakdown that resulted in a 911 call.

Obviously, the incident and its fallout have been sources of stress for Kanye’s wife, Kim Kardashian, who’s been forced to grapple with two traumatic incidents in as many months.

Back in October, Kim has robbed at gunpoint and relieved of millions of dollars in jewels while staying at a hotel in Paris.

Now, sources say the Wests’ current rough patch has left the A-list couple on the verge of divorce.

Several insiders have claimed that Kim is planning on leaving Kanye as soon as he’s stable and capable of caring for himself.

Now, however, a new source has come forward claiming that Kim had been planning on leaving Kanye, but her husband’s mental health issues have actually had convinced her to give him another chance.

“The divorce rumors come from before he had the breakdown,” an unidentified friend of Kim’s tells People magazine.

“She didn’t know what was up with him and they weren’t spending time together. She didn’t realize it was a mental breakdown.”

The insider claims that Kanye had been acting erratically in the weeks leading up to his breakdown, and Kim often became frustrated, not realizing that his behavior was the result of a worsening mental illness.

Details remain scarce, but reps close to the Kardashians have indicated that the rapper had an issue with the medications he was taking as part of an ongoing treatment program.

It seems the timing couldn’t have been worse, as Kim was in need of Kanye’s support in the wake of her robbery, and she was stunned to find that he was unable to provide it.

Apparently, it was only after he was hospitalized that Kim realized her husband wasn’t to blame for his detachment.

“Truly no truth behind divorce rumors,” the source says about Kanye’s breakdown.

“It’s not something she would divorce him over.”

Indeed, it does seem as though Kim and Kanye are sending the message that all is well in their marriage.

The couple was spotted out on the town in Santa Monica last night, their first joint public outing since before Kim’s robbery.

It looks as though Kimye might be on the verge of beating the odds and silencing the critics once again.

Source: celebweddings