So much for those Kim Kardashian and Kanye West divorce rumors.

Even though this famous couple has not been seen much together in public for several weeks now, Kardashian only had nice things to say about her husband on her official website today.

Which happens to be a very special day:

It’s Kim and Kanye’s three-year wedding anniversary!

On May 24, 2014, one of the world’s most beloved twosomes exchanged vows in Florence, Italy.

It was a wildly anticipated affair that featured famous guests, a Givenchy wedding gown and gold toilets.

Yes, gold toilets.

Kardashian and West were already parents to a girl named North when they got married and they welcomed a son named Saint into the world about a year and a half ago.

“HAPPY THREE-YEAR ANNIVERSARY BABE! THANK YOU FOR BEING THE BEST HUSBAND AND FATHER. I LOVE YOU SO MUCH,” Kim wrote as a tribute on her official website this morning.

Along with the message, she included a picture of she and Kanye kissing at a pre-wedding dinner at the Palace of Versailles in France.

But that wasn’t all.

Check out this beautiful behind-the-scenes photo of the bride on her big day:

For all the valid criticisms that get hurled in Kardashian’s direction on a weekly basis, it’s difficult to even the harshest critic to think of anything negative to say about her actual marriage.

Kim and Kanye really do seem to be in love.

They’ve produced a pair of adorable children.

They’ve been there for each other during a pair of scary incident, both of which took place last fall;

First, Kim got robbed at gunpoint in Paris, a development from which she’s still trying to recover.

And then Kanye suffered some kind of mental breakdown that landed him in a Los Angeles hospital for nine days.

We believe he’s still undergoing therapy, although it’s hard to say for certain because the typically loquacious rapper has been unusually silent ever since.

Because of this silence, celebrity gossip outlets have been forced to speculate on the state of Kimye’s union.

There has been one Kimye divorce claim after another for many months now, with many websites and magazines speculating that the stress of these individual situations has become too much for the stars to handle.

The theory is that each half of the marriage is dealing with so much at the moment, as a result of their traumatic experiences, that they simply can’t make time for the other half any longer.

Moreover, that other half can’t relate to what his or her spouse is going through.

And an irreparable distance has formed in the wake of these incidents.

How much truth is there to these rumors? None at all, if Kim is to be believed.

She seems pretty darn happy with Kanye in this anniversary tribute, wouldn’t you say?

An insider acknowledges to E! News that Kardashian and West have been through a lot of late, but they will be spending their anniversary together and they are headed in a positive direction.

“Kanye and Kim are on a good path,” the source says, adding:

“They have been really working on their marriage and their overall daily lifestyle with incorporating each other in it during crazy and busy times.

“Their kids have been the stick that has kept them together in hard times.

“Kanye and Kim both been through a lot, but they have both got help and counselling on their own and with each other.”

We’re glad to hear it.

We’re rooting for these stars to make it. 

Some marriage in Hollywood has to help us believe in love, right?


Source: celebweddings