If you watch Sister Wives online, you know that the show’s most recent season didn’t feature many appearances from Robyn Brown.

It’s somewhat understandable that she was relegated to the margins so that the show could focus on Mery Brown’s catfishing saga.

To a point. Not like this …

It seems Robyn, even as a woman married a man married to three other people, is no fan of playing second fiddle on TV or in her marriage.

Celebrity gossip stalwart Radar Online is reporting Wednesday that Robyn has left Kody after untold months of marital discord.

If this is true, it’s a pretty insane development.

A source close to the reality stars told Radar:

“She is leaving the first week in January to go back to Utah with the kids and be with her family to figure out the next step in her life.”

The insider adds that Robyn will spend the holidays with Kody for the sake of her kids – but then she’ll leave him far behind for the same reason:

“Her kids aren’t being treated very well.”

The unidentified family friend also says that Kody’s neglect of her kids is just one of many reasons that Robyn has decided to pecae out.

Apparently, Kody’s concerns about the family’s legal entanglements and lack of privacy led to a suffocating sense of paranoia in the Brown home.

(That’ll happen when you’re married four times AND star in a reality show about your family life, won’t it? Just a thought …)

In any case, she’s leave the polygamous life behind. 

“There were a lot of communication issues and a lot of fighting,” the source said, adding, “Kody is really bad at handling stressful situations.”

The Kode Man “wants to be safe all the time, and when Robyn could no longer be his source of comfort. He couldn’t handle it.”

Not surprisingly, it seems that playing second fiddle to another sister wife in particular also didn’t sit particularly well with Robyn:

“This season is really focusing on Maddie’s wedding and on the catfish plot,” the insider said. “Robyn’s always gotten her way, now she’s totally done.”

“She refuses to be placed on the back-burner.”

The breakup isn’t wholly unexpected.

Given the drama – legal, paternal, marital, catfish-related – that’s been consuming the Brown family for the past year, it’s almost overdue.

Reports of tumult within the giant family have run rampant, and talk of Kody being dumped by 1-4 wives has been a tabloid staple. 

Still, Robyn’s timing makes the move somewhat of a surprise; Kody and Robyn welcomed a baby girl back in January.

It was her third child, and Kody’s 18th!

No, that’s not a misprint. He has 18.

Clearly, the 46-year-old Kody is determined to personally tie another enormous TLC family, the Duggars, with 19 offspring in all. 

The way he’s going, we think he’ll pull it off.

Of course, now he’ll have to do it with one less wife, and one of the younger ones at that, which does shift the odds considerably.

Moreover, kids 16-18 are Robyn’s from a previous relationship. Kody adopted them, but does that still count if Robyn leaves him?

Still, even if you call the “true” number 15, in his polygamous world, the dude can just keep adding more spouses indefinitely.

Somehow, there are always more takers.

Source: celebweddings