Saying that Kourtney Kardashian has unusual taste in men would be like saying that her sister Kim thinks somewhat highly of herself.

In addition to the fact that she got impregnated by Scott Disick on all three of the occasions on which he was sober enough to get an erection, Kourtney has dated Justin Bieber several times.

Now obviously, Bieber has many qualities that one might find desirable in a mate – take his massive dong, for example – but he’s also notoriously erratic, self-involved and short-tempered, which makes him a less-than-ideal partner for someone a 37-year-old mother of three who’s seeking stability.

But despite Justin’s many, many douchey qualities, Kourtney keeps running back to him.

Sources now say that Justin and Kourtney are hooking up once again, and that this time, Disick is unwilling to turn a blind eye to the unlikely pairing.

Disick is reportedly pissed, and we suppose it’s not hard to see why.

After all, until recently it looked as though Scott and Kourtney would get back together and give their pseudo-marriage another chance.

One disastrous family vacation to Costa Rica later, however, Scott’s been given the boot, and Kourtney’s back with the Biebs.

Granted, their latest breakup is almost entirely Scott’s fault.

(Pro tip: when the mother of your children invites you on vacation with her family, maybe don’t stash a side-chick in another hotel.)

But still, Disick is said to be beyond pissed by the latest reports that Justin and Kourtney are once again a thing, and he’s apparently ready to ignite this powder keg of a situation.

“Kourtney says Justin’s more mature than Scott, even though he’s a decade younger,” a source recently told Hollywood Life.

“She loves that he’s as deeply spiritual as she is. It’s a real point of connection for them. She’s developed strong feelings for him.” 

Understandably, Scott’s less than thrilled to hear that Kourtney believe Justin effing Bieber would best him in a contest of emotional depth.

In fact, Disick is so intent on proving to her that he’s more than just a trust fund a and a bloated liver that he’s writing a book.

And the topic of said book is the Kardashians, of course:

A source tells Celebrity Dirty Laundry that Scott is ready to close the deal on a tell-all memoir.

According to his proposal, each chapter would focus in a different member of the Kard clan:

“Kris Jenner’s [chapter] would focus on how she pimps out her daughters and forces them into getting plastic surgery

Kim Kardashian’s would focus on all the dirty secrets behind her marriages and divorces; Rob Kardashian’s would focus on his drug abuse; and Khloe Kardashian’s–the least scandalous–would supposedly be about how she ‘enabled her brother to do drugs.'” 

And of course, there will be a lengthy chapter on Kourt and her insatiable appetite for surprisingly-sizable Canadian pop star dong.

Before he begins writing, we’d like to suggest that Scott read a book about strategies for winning one’s baby mama back.

Could have some more solid strategies in there.

Source: celebweddings