After ten solid years of being in the spotlight, is it even possible for the Kardashians to surprise us anymore?

Judging by this new interview with the family, we’d say yes, yes it most definitely is possible.

See, to celebrate that previously mentioned tenth anniversary of the Kardashians’ rise to fame — meaning the tenth anniversary of the debut of Keeping Up with the Kardashians — there’s a brand new special coming out.

In the special, Kim, Kourtney, Khloe, Kendall, Kylie, Kris, and Scott Disick all sit down for a nice little chat with Ryan Seacrest, who’s been a producer for the show since the beginning.

In one section of the interview, which you can watch below, Ryan asks the family about some of the wilder tabloid rumors that have come out about them over the years.

And things take a weird turn real fast.

The first rumor is one about Kendall hooking up with Scott behind Kourney’s back.

When she sees it, Kendall laughs and says “I didn’t even know that existed!”

She shouldn’t be surprised though — there have been rumors that Scott’s hooked up with each of Kourtney’s sisters at one point or another.

They all joke about it — Scott boasts to Kendall that “I had you when you were young,” which is pretty cringey — but Kendall clarifies that the report is “definitely false.”

But their reaction to the next tabloid story … well, the reaction to this one is a little different.

This one is about Kris allegedly sleeping with Lamar Odom while he and Khloe were still married.

Everyone admits that they could see the story being true, and Kris actually apologizes to Khloe.

The story adds that Kris ruined Khloe’s life with her actions, and that one of her sisters knew but didn’t say anything — Kourtney claims she’s that sister in question.

Kris tries to turn the conversation around a little bit, telling Ryan that “you gotta laugh” when you hear such ridiculous stories.

But Khloe and Scott are still talking about Kris’ alleged tryst with Lamar.

Now, are they all joking here?

It’s pretty obvious that they are.

But still, it’s pretty interesting to see how they all react to this, that’s all.

Check it out for yourself in the video below:

Source: celebweddings