Kylie Jenner has not named her daughter “Butterfly,” people.

Come on now. Don’t get all crazy on us.

In reality, according to multiple sources, Kylie Jenner has instead named her daughter… a variation on the word “Butterfly.”

Chatter over what Jenner and Travis Scott are chosen to call their first child surfaced on Sunday night.

This was not long, just a few hours really, after Kylie announced that she had given birth to a girl.

She shared a video of her journey to parenthood.

She released a statement explaining her months-long silence on the issue, shocking and delighting millions of her fans.

She did everything short of unveiling photos of the newborn and letting us know her name.

However, astute Internet users think they’ve stumbled on various clues that offer major hints regarding the latter. To wit:

  • Kylie Tweeted a butterfly emoji on May 27, around the time she may have learned she was pregnant.
  • Kylie has a butterfly necklace.
  • Snapshots of the baby’s nursery reveal many butterfly decorations.

Moreover …

  • Travis Scott once released a single titled “Butterfly Effect.”
  • Both Scott and Jenner have butterfly tattoos.

So this settles it, right?

Baby Girl Jenner will be named Butterfly, no?

No, it now seems.

And not just because Butterfly is a ridiculous name, even for someone whose sisters has dubbed her kids North, Saint and Chicago.

But because other astute Internet users think Kris Jenner actually revealed the name of her latest grandchild on Instagram this week.

“So cute! One of my favorite @kyliecosmetics shades!!” wrote Kris as a caption to the following image, adding with intrigue:

Posie K is launching as a limited edition trio set to celebrate the second anniversary!

Feb 5 on #Repost @kyliecosmetics:

Say hello to the Posie K Anniversary Lip Trio!

Featuring our award winning shade in gloss, matte and brand new velvet formula! Launching Feb 5.

Why are this photo and these words notable?

Because “Mariposa” is the Spanish word for – you guessed it! – “Butterfly.”

Insiders tell Radar Online that Scott and Jenner have, indeed, chosen Mariposa as their child’s name and that she will be mostly referred to as “Posie.”

Which is pretty darn cute, isn’t it?

And it also does go along with the theme started by Kim Kardashian, who recently named her daughter “Chicago,” yet plans to call her “Chi.”

Even if the child is called “Posie,” one more question will remain:

Will she be Posie Jenner or Posie Scott?

You’d have to imagine the latter, although Kylie and Travis aren’t married, so we can’t really say for certain.

Would a member of this family really let a child not have the last name Jenner or Kardashian?

Especially when odds are strong that Scott won’t stick around for the long haul? (We hope we’re wrong about that.)

So many questions. 

So many components to a months-long mystery we’re just starting to decipher. All we can do is stay tuned.

We’ll pass along the answers and any additional information as soon as we learn it, people. We are on this.

UPDATE: We can at least put an end to some speculation, as Kylie revealed the name of her precious little one:


The Keeping Up With the Kardashians beauty revealed the unconventional name via Instagram just a few moments ago.

She also posted the beautiful image above.

We’re going to go out on a limb and guess that the unexpected moniker was in no way inspired by Stormy Daniels.

Welcome to the world, little Stormi!

Source: celebweddings