It looks like Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are taking their relationship to the next level.

We hate to say it but … this does make those secret marriage rumors looks a lot more credible.

Kylie and Travis haven’t actually been dating for all that long.

Even though we’re all still on the exhale of that sigh of relief that she finally broke things off with Tyga, there was already a story that Kylie’s new relationship is moving crazy-fast.

As in, rumors of a secret wedding between Travis and 19-year-old Kylie that, of all of her family, only Kendall knew about.

We’ve had our doubts, for obvious reasons.

There’s Kylie’s youth, there’s the fact that she just got out of a long-term relationship with a guy who’s clearly still bitter, there’s the fact that anyone who cared about her would of course talk her out of marrying a rapper no one had ever heard of until he started hanging with the Jenner girls.

But then we saw this almost tastefully small butterfly tattoo on Kylie’s leg on Snapchat.

We said that it was almost tasteful.

We don’t know if it’s an actual tattoo — which would be huge this early in a relationship — or a temporary tattoo or just, like, regular ol’ marker.

Travis showed the same little butterfly on his own Snapchat.

So, first of all, just for context, Travis Scott released his song, “Butterfly Effect,” last month.

Probably no one but a very polite Kylie and maybe some groupies have actually listened to it, but he’s been shamelessly using Kylie to promote it.

At one point he captioned a photo of her with the song’s title.

Because, you know, that’s super classy.

If he were the famous one on the relationship, it might just be cute.

Instead, you just get the feeling that he’s using photos of Kylie to promote his brand.

The two have apparently been using “butterfly” as an affectionate pet name for each other. A little weird, but that’s fine.

Clearly, butterflies are a big thing for Travis at the moment.

And maybe they’re a big thing for Kylie, too.

They symbolize growth and transformation and she’s 19.

We could see a butterfly’s cocoon as symbolic of, like, Kylie’s year-and-a-half wasted in a relationship with Tyga.

But maybe we’re reading too much into that.

And we’re not sure that the timing for his song works out for him to have written it with any inspiration from Kylie.

So, best case scenario, butterflies are a cute thing between Kylie and Travis, and they both got matching doodles or temporary tattoos because they’re sweethearts.

Worst case scenario, the two of them really did secretly tie the knot, and since they can’t wear rings in public until they go public, they got little tattoos that mean the same to them.

But we think that the truth lies somewhere in between.

Right now, we’re thinking that Travis is doing whatever he can to promote his music through Kylie

In a way, she’s a walking, selfie-taking, thotting billboard seen by millions of fans.

We said that he’d been using Kylie to boost his brand, but if butterflies are his thing right now, then her skin is literally decorated with an advertisement for his music.

It’s like if Nascar drivers were sexy teens and their sponsorships took the form of tattoos — real or fake.

(Did we just invent a horrible new sport?)

But, as likely as that seems, we don’t know for sure what any of it means.

We also don’t know why Kylie would allow herself to be used like that, unless she’s afraid of losing him — and, you know, being out of a relationship and being forced to literally just be herself for a few months.

But maybe she’s not sure what it means to just be Kylie.

In recent years, she’s transformed almost beyond recognition.

Source: celebweddings