In retrospect, we should’ve known this day would come.

The moment that Kylie Jenner got back together with Tyga after dumping his ass earlier this year, she demonstrated that she’s unable to see the 26-year-old for what he is:

He’s an opportunistic D-list rapper using a famous, love-blinded teen to boost his career.

Sure, it’s possible that he’s really, genuinely in love with Kylie, but it’s hard to imagine that he didn’t have the fringe benefits in mind when the started dating.

(It’s probably not coincidental that his career was on the decline and hers on the upswing when they met.) 

We’re not saying that all celebrities need to follow the Taylor Swift rule and only date people who are near their level of fame, but Kylie’s youth (She was just 17 when she started dating Tyga.) and the fact that her fame is rooted in what she does in her personal life both make her more susceptible to coattail riders.

And you don’t have to look hard to see just what his relationship with Kylie is doing for Tyga’s fame.

Go ahead and Google him and see how far you have to scroll to find a story that doesn’t involve Kylie.

It may take you a while.

Anyway, pretty much from the time they went public with their relationship (shortly after Ms. Jenner hit the age of legality), there have been rumors that Kylie and Tyga are engaged

Some have even gone so far as to claim that Kylie and Tyga are already married.

Well, they’re not.

But based on Kylie’s latest Snapchat activity, she’s hoping they will be soon.

Kylie posted the above pic online last night. 

As you can see, she captioned it:

“If this is my promise ring I wanna know what my engagement ring gonna look like.”

Yes, not only does the ring represent a promise that Kylie and Tyga will one day get engaged, she’s already imagining what the next rock will look like.

It’s a troubling sign, as regardless of Tyga’s intentions, the girl is only 19, and she doesn’t exactly have the greatest role models in her life when it comes to the sanctity of marriage.

(Kylie’s mother and older sister Kim both have two divorces under their belts. Her father has three.)

We don’t know what the stats are like for marriages of wealthy teens whose parents have both been divorced multiple times, but we’re guessing they’re not encouraging.

So we guess the good news is that even if Kylie is foolish enough to marry Tyga, it probably won’t last long.

You know you’re grasping at straws when the possibility of a divorce is your silver lining.

Source: celebweddings