According to a new report, Kylie Jenner has gone from concerns over Tyga cheating on her

… to concerns over seating and floral arrangements at the the couple’s wedding.

Oh, yes, we said it, people: the couple’s WEDDING!

No, Kylie and Tyga are not engaged. Not yet, at least.

But an insider tells Hollywood Life that Jenner is pushing her boyfriend hard to propose. She’s ready to take this next huge step in life.

“Kylie really, really wants to get married to Tyga,” a source close reality star has allegedly said, adding:

“She’s terrified that he’s going to cheat on her and thinks if they get married it will stop him.”

This seems to be a constant theme with Kylie, her fear over whether or not Tyga will sleep with other women while supposedly committed to her.

It’s hard not to have two reactions to that concern:

  1. Kylie may want to rethink a relationship with someone she doesn’t fully trust.
  2. Getting married doesn’t exactly prevent someone from cheating, just ask any of THESE CELEBRITIES.

Tyga has a tattoo in honor of Kylie on his body; and vice versa for Jenner when it comes to her rapping beau.

So things most definitely do seem very serious between the stars.

It’s just a question now of how serious they’ll become in the near future.

“They’ve been together for ages now and Kylie thinks it’s high time Tyga steps up and does the deed,” the Hollywood Life source says.

“She’s got weddings on the brain, and all she can think about is dresses, and rings, and honeymoons. Kylie’s pretty much planned the entire wedding already in her head, now she just needs Tyga to propose!”

That is a very small detail, yes.

Tyga is currently on tour in Europe, so we don’t see a proposal taking place any time soon.

There’s also the matter of each star’s age.

Tyga is 27 years old. He was formerly engaged to Blac Chyna (yes, that Blac Chyna) and is aware of just how quickly things can fall apart, even when a romance seems to be perfect.

Kylie is 19 years old.

She’s still young. This is her first legitimate relationship. And that may be an issue between the couple.

“Tyga knows what she wants, but he’s not playing her game,” the insider says. “He thinks they are both still too young to get married, and he sees no rush.

“But she’s got weddings and babies on the brain.”

She also has fake boobs on her chest, that much is seeming more and more apparent:

Do you think Tyga should just go ahead and propose?

Or do you agree with the rapper, that there’s no rush and no need to change the status quo if it’s working so well?

Sound off below!

Source: celebweddings