Has it sunk in yet?

Can you actually believe it?

Or are you still waiting to be told that Kylie Jenner isn’t really pregnant? That this is just a contrived PR scheme in order to draw attention to Keeping Up with the Kardashians celebrating 10 years on the air this fall?

Well… it’s not.

It’s true: Kylie Jenner really is pregnant with her first child at the age of 20.

The father of rapper Travis Scott, who is five years Kylie’s senior and who has been dating Jenner since April.

No member of Kylie’s famous family has confirmed this stunning development, but reliable sources such as TMZ, Entertainment Weekly and People Magazine have all verified the news.

“They started telling friends a few weeks ago,” an insider tells People. “The family has known for quite some time. She is really excited and so is Travis!”

This could totally be true.

But it could also be true that Kylie, at just 20 years old and merely starting out in the business world, didn’t exactly plan on getting knocked up by someone she’s been dating for just a few months.

“Everyone is overjoyed for her,” this same source adds. “This is the happiest she’s ever been.”

Hey, if that’s true… more power to her. Hooray for Kylie and Travis!

As for a couple pertinent details regarding this baby-to-be?

  1. Jenner has apparently been telling friends and family members that she’s having a girl.
  2. Us Weekly reports that she is at minimum four months along and is therefore due in February.
  3. Worth mentioning: She’s four months along and Scott only started dating in April? You can do the math to determine just how serious they were when this happened.

Just a month before that, half-sister Kim Kardashian is expected to welcome her third child via a surrogate she hired along with Kanye West.

Back to Jenner, however:

“Kylie broke up with Tyga partly because she felt too young to get serious,” People writes, emphasizing that there are no wedding plans on the horizon for Kylie and Travis and adding:

“Now she’s having a baby with a guy she just started dating. People around her are really surprised. It happened really fast, but for Kylie, being with Travis is so different than anyone else.

“She’s so in love with him. She’s really excited.”

Back in February of last year, Jenner said on an episode of Kocktails with Khloe that she wants to have kids “before I’m 30.”

She’s made no secret over the years of wanting a family, but this is still pretty soon to get started.

With this pregnancy, Kylie becomes the FOURTH member of her family to have a child out of wedlock:

Kim got pregnant with North West before she exchanged vows with Kanye.

Kourtney Kardashian has three kids with non-husband Scott Disick.

And Rob Kardashian welcomed a daughter into the world this past November with ex-lover Blac Chyna.

We’re not passing (a lot of) judgment. We’re just stating a fact here.

Either way, hey… a baby! How cute and exciting! We wish Kylie a healthy pregnancy and daughter.

Source: celebweddings