It’s been about six months since we first learned that Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson are dating.

In that time, the couple has moved extremely fast, and though they’ve made no official announcement and they started out under unusual circumstances (Tristan recently became a dad by his previous girlfriend), by now just about everyone has come to terms with the fact that Khloe and Tristan will get married sometime in the near future.

Everyone, that is, but Lamar Odom …

Lamar is reportedly extremely angry that Khloe moved on so quickly after their latest reconciliation attempt, and insiders say he was inclined to dislike Thompson from the start.

Perhaps unwisely, Khloe arranged a meeting between her current boyfriend and her ex so that they might try and make peace.

We’re not sure why she cares (It’s not like she and Lamar have kids together.), but the sit-down went about as well as you would expect.

And by that we mean punches were thrown almost immediately.

“Khloe arranged for the guys to meet at her home a few weeks ago, because she wants to stay on good terms with Lamar and thought he and Tristan would keep things civilized,” a source tells Radar Online.

One insider tells the site that Lamar was supposed to arrive solo, but instead he “rocked up with a couple of his buddies.”

From there, the situation deteriorated rapidly.

“She didn’t count on how snarky and hostile Lamar was going to be, plus how super-protective Tristan acted in return,” says the source.

“Lamar’s friends had to pull them off each other once things got really bad.”

The insider adds:

“Khloe now realizes they can’t be in the same room ever again.”

Um … we could’ve told you that from the start, Khloe!

When has a meet and greet between two huge dudes who both have feelings for the same woman ever ended well?

To the untrained eye, it might seem that Lamar committed a fatal error by showing up with his crew and escalating the conflict before a single word was spoken, but really, that’s the smartest thing he could’ve done.

Tristan and Lamar are about the same size, but one is 25 and in the prime of his playing career, while the other is 37 with several years of retirement and a long history of substance abuse behind him.

It sounds like Lamar planned on talking smack from the start.

And this fight would not have gone well for him one-on-one.

Source: celebweddings