Leah Messer is on the hunt for love!

You know what that means … by the time 2018 rolls around she’ll be married and pregnant.

We kid, we kid — though Leah did move that fast after splitting with Corey Simms and getting with Jeremy Calvert, she’s grown a whole lot since then.

She spent time in a rehab facility to work on her anxiety and depression (or her substance abuse issues, depending on who you believe), and she’s obviously been super introspective lately.

The Leah of today is nothing like the Leah of a couple of years ago.

Gone are the days of nodding off while holding babies and failing so much at parenting that she loses custody of her children!

Nope, as we’ve been seeing on the current season of Teen Mom 2, Leah is in a much, much better place than she was.

And as we can see in this sneak peek for Monday’s episode, she’s in a place where she feels comfortable looking for a boyfriend!

As she explains, “I haven’t been on a date since my divorce with Jeremy, so I made myself a profile on a dating app.”

OK, so right off the bat it looks like Teen Mom 2 is continuing the strange tradition of ignoring the entire existence of T.R. Dues, which was to be expected.

In the clip, Leah is looking at the app with one of the twins, Gracie, who is advising her on when to swipe left and when to swipe right.

“What kind of boy should I date?” Leah asks her, laughing.

Gracie doesn’t answer, but she does point to one of the men’s photos and says “He’s my kind.”

At that, Leah laughs some more — it is pretty funny, actually — but says that Gracie shouldn’t be looking at the app and turns her phone off.

Later, back at the house, she calls up her friend Kylie to get another adult’s perspective on the idea of jumping back into the dating scene.

She tells her that she’s trying to do “the dating app thing,” but “it’s weird.”

“Just because it’s been a while, you know,” her friend says.

Leah agrees, because it’s been “two years” since she dated anyone — again, guess good ol’ T.R. was totally fictional.

But she also says that she doesn’t want to bring any old guy around her daughters.

Her friend shrugs off those concerns, telling her to just go bowling with some dude, and it’ll all be fine.

Leah agrees — guess she’s pretty desperate to get back out there, huh?

Watch the beginning of the next chapter of Ms. Messer’s journey in the video below:

Source: celebweddings