It’s not easy to get the cast of Little People, Big World in the same place at the same time.

This is one busy family, considering the farm they have to run, the road trips they have to take and the newborn babies they have to raise.

But one occasion was celebratory enough that it called for nearly every member of the Roloffs to gather in one place over the weekend.

And that occasion was the end of pumpkin season.

Having completed yet another busy, successful, tourist-laden couple of weeks at the farm, Matt Roloff, Amy Roloff, their kids and grandkids got together for a pretty special photo that TLC shared on Facebook.

It’s posted above and it includes the caption below:

Wrapping up the 2017 pumpkin season today! Here’s our annual picture with the growing Roloff gang;) Missing you Molly and Joel!

The last part there, of course, is a reference to Molly Roloff and Joel Silvius, who got married in August.

Everyone in the family attended the event, there’s no bad blood here or anything. Molly has just decided to remain pretty far out of the spotlight as she and her new husband build their life.

Jeremy Roloff made this same decision just over a year ago, but he’s slowly been making his way back into the picture.

The youngest of Amy and Matt’s four kids, Jeremy still spends most of his time traveling around with his girlfriend and their dogs.

But he’s also been sharing many photos of himself and his adorable nephew, sparking speculation that he may make a few appearances on the new season of Little People, Big World.

TLC is yet to announce a premiere date, but we’d have to imagine it starts up again soon.

When new episodes do air, many of them will focus on Audrey and Jeremy’s journey to parenthood.

They welcomed Ember Jean into the universe on September 10 and have been sharing more and more cute pictures of her as time has gone on.

Audrey, in fact, just posted the immediate family photo above and gave her husband serious props in the caption.

It reads:

I love this farmer. This month he worked everyday of pumpkin season, ran @beating50 and @shopalwaysmore so I could focus on Ember, filmed for LPBW, delt with lots of house complications (broken heater, leaking dishwasher – water under our house, and still don’t have a working stove or oven), brought me food while I spend most of my days feeding/pumping, and is always willing to help take care of Ember on top of it all.

I am grateful.

Pretty sweet, right?

That typically sums up the Roloffs in general, despite the occasional controversy.

We’re psyched for new episodes, aren’t you?

Source: celebweddings