We hope you are sitting down for this, Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta viewers.

Because Kirk Frost may have gone ahead and really done it now.

According to multiple reports, Kirk hasn’t just been caught cheating on his wife.

He’s been caught cheating on his wife AND getting his alleged side piece pregnant! With a baby! Who has already been born!

Media Takeout claims to have broken this news, writing on December 13 that Frost “had a baby with another woman.” It doesn’t get much more straightforward than that, does it?

The gender of this child is unknown at the moment, but he or she is around four months old.

Now, here is where things get both questionable and dramatic:

Both Media Takeout and some website called “Funky Dineva” write that VH1 cameras were on hand when Rasheeda – who is married to Frost and who appears opposite her husband on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta – learned of the baby news.

And, as you might expect, she didn’t take it very well.

Rasheeda supposedly flipped the eff out upon hearing that Frost had slept with some random woman and gotten her pregnant…

… and this reaction just happened to have been filmed for an episode of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6.

But that’s not all: Frost’s side chick will allegedly appear on Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta Season 6!

Now, look: would we love to watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online next year and see this crazy drama play out? Absolutely.

Heck, who are we kidding: we almost definitely will watch Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta online next year to see this crazy drama play out.

But our intelligence is a tad bit insulted here.

Can’t reality shows at least make an effort to pretend as though storylines are real?

Back on Season 2, Frost hooked up with two women in a hot tub… ON CAMERA!

He was accused last year of having apartment that he claimed to be use as an “office,” only it was an open secret that he really took other women there.

So we’re not sure if we believe this baby mama rumor.

Even if it holds true, however, how much sympathy are we really expected to have for Rasheeda?

She has to be aware that her husband has both a wandering eye and a wandering penis? RIght?

For what it’s worth, neither she nor Frost have addressed this latest chatter on social media.

With talk of them being fired after each Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta season airs, however, it seems very possible that this is simply a conjured-up story to keep the couple relevant.

And employed.

Source: celebweddings