Last night on a HEATED Love & Hip Hop: Hollywood Season 3 Episode 5, the fight between Lyrica Marie and Dawn continued, and wow.

Just wow.

Once the moms cleared out, A1 admits, “I’m really upset,” Lyrica apologizes, and A1 says, “There is only one thing to do, and that is upgrade.”


He gives her a new diamond ring; Lyrica is so excited, and A1 says it’s time to go home and see what she’s going to do for that ring.


Meanwhile, Shanda meets up with Teiarra Mari to discuss Willie and his mistress, an awkward situation which she summed up thusly:

“Willie really messed up with this girl and I thought we had put it on the back burner, but now she is hitting me up on all my social media sites.”

“Saying that she is going to come for me.”

Teiarra says she hopes to be present when she comes for her, while Shanda reveals that she’s putting her music out there for people.

We’ll have to see how that goes, won’t we?

For her part, Nikki is still dealing with her own relationship drama: “I really like being with Rosa. She makes me happy and I enjoy her company.”

“I also love being with Safaree. He is so genuine, but I worry that when we are out someone is going to see us and take a picture of us together.”

That’s the life of … Safaree Samuels for you?

Teairra really wants the dirt on Nikki’s love life, and at dance class, Nikki reveals in public that she is seeing both a man and a woman.

Moniece and Teairra are both shocked.

She describes the situation as such:

“I haven’t told either one about the other one. Right now I am just trying to figure out how I am going to clean up the mess that my life has become.”

Meanwhile, Ray J and Princess Love take some time off from wedding planning to go roller skating with A1 and Lyrica. We all need fun!

A1 talks about the fight between their mothers; Princess is shocked, saying “I thought Ray’s mother Sonya was crazy,” but this? This?

There’s fightin’ words, but at least they’re just words. Ray tells A1 that he and Lyrica should think about eloping in the wake of this mess.

May not be a bad idea.

Then it was time for THE MAIN EVENT.

Shanda is preparing to perform when she sees Willie’s side piece Kyeshia step up on stage to perform. She drops the mic to charge her.

Oh it’s ON now.

Shanda tells her to “stop being a stalker,” and man, it only gets crazier and crazier from there – with no end in sight for this pair of loons.

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