Did Yandy’s secrets come out?

That was one of the main questions on Love & Hip Hop Season 7 Episode 8 as her feud with Erika reached new heights of craziness. 

We kicked things off with Yandy finally dropping the bomb that she was not legally married to Mendecees.

“I never sent off the paperwork. We signed it but I never sent it off. The person that married us is my best friend and she doesn’t even know that I haven’t sent it off yet.”

That’s a crazy twist and it will probably come back to bite her when these women in Mendecees’ life get wind of it. If you watch Love & Hip Hop online, you will know fine well that Yandy has been having a tough time trying to keep a string of baby mamas at bay. 

“I’ll be damned if I allow these baby mamma’s to come after my money because of some legal piece of paper.”

Her gal pals were shocked to hear the truth, but Yandy did not seem remorseful saying, “Thank God for friends and spiced lemonade.”

With that ourt of the way, we moved on to Mariahlynn chatting to Cardi B about what was going on with Bianca. Cardi was quick to point out that Mariahlynn looked like the one in the wrong. 

She asked if the girls could just put their differences aside to allow them all to hang out again. Mariahlynn was against this, pointing out that that she has enough going on in her personal life to deal with Bianca. 

We switched gears back to Yandy, who received a shocking phone call from Mendecees about the way she had been treating Erika. 

“I spoke to Erika and she told me that she had to call the cops. She also told me that you called my son a break baby.” Yandy gets annoyed and says “Have I ever called her a break baby to you or the world?” Mendecees says “We know that, but we need to let the world know that.”

Yandy then felt the need to let him know that she never sent the marriage certificate off. Mendecees was taken aback and said that she should have no issue with sending it now. 

Yandy says “As long as there is a commitment between me, you and God in front of our friends and family a piece of paper does not matter because I can rip it.”

Sweetie, that’s not how marriage works. Mendecees decided he had heard enough and concluded the phone call. 

If you thought the drama between Snoop and J was over, then you were most certainly wrong. J stopped by Snoop’s work place and the pair prayed together. 

J then asked if they could work together on Gorgeous Gangsta and Snoop accepted, but she said they were keeping it professional. We’ll see how long that lasts. 

Erika met up with her lawyer to discuss what Yandy did to her, but the lawyer revealed that Yandy had no power because she was not a wife. 

Erika took this news to Samantha and the pair gloated about how they could use it to their advantage. Yes, the producers clearly told that lawyer about the marriage certificate. 

It would not be Love & Hip Hop without a fight to close the hour off. Cisco and Peter attempted to go at it because of what went down with Mariahlynn, but security pulled them apart. 

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