Did anyone seriously that LuAnn De Lesseps could get married without there being a whole lot of drama?

The Real Housewives of New York City star has proven many times that the drama just seems to follow her wherever she goes. 

That’s not entirely a bad thing if you have the camera crews following you to try and get some juicy footage for the latest season of your reality show. 

However, there’s word that the only camera crew in sight during LuAnn’s marriage to Tom D’Agostino was from none other than People Magazine. 

LuAnn allegedly decided to tell RHONY execs that she wanted her wedding to be kept private in order to have the magazine cover the wedding for a $20,000 fee. 

If you keep up to speed with the likes of Jill Zarin on Instagram, you were probably wondering why she was acting like she was the only eyes into the exclusive event. 

That’s because there’s now word that former RHONY star Zarin sabotaged LuAnn and Tom’s big pay check by giving too much away on social media.

Yes, that’s a lofty sum for some wedding pictures, but the magazine are not willing to shell out the dough because Jill’s Instagram spoiled the goodies.

If this turns out to be true, LuAnn and Tom will not be impressed. How could you realistically forgive someone who lost you $20,000?

That’s far from the only controversy surrounding the nuptials. 

On the gift side of things, there is word that the pair initially requested that guests donated to one of two charities as opposed to bringing gifts. 

That’s a nice gesture, but not when you change things up at the last minute. 

The pair allegedly set up a GoFundMe page for a relative to help them pay their medical expenses, but there was no indication about who the mystery person was. 

The pair asked that people donate to the the page instead of donating to the charities. 

“You’re going to spend a half-million-plus on a wedding, and then ask your friends to cough up for your relative’s Band-Aids?,” sniped one.

“LuAnn and Tom are both very rich — [they should] write a check to their relative and not hustle their wedding guests for cash.”

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Source: celebweddings