Teen Mom fans have been obsessing over the life of Maci Bookout more than usual in recent weeks, but most of the rumors and speculation have had to do with Maci’s ex, Ryan Edwards.

Maci alleges that Edwards is battling addiction and that she fears for his safety, as he seems to be surrounded by enablers.

But a preview for an upcoming episode has some fans arguing that Maci should clean up her own backyard before worrying about Ryan.

The clip shows Maci opening up about a different problem in her life, one that she’s kept hidden up to this point.

Since she married Taylor McKinney in October of last year, Maci has done a fine job of depicting her life as far more stable than those of her co-stars.

It turns out, that portrayal relies heavily on Taylor and Maci’s ability to keep their beer-fueled conflicts off camera.

For years now, rumors about Maci drinking heavily (even, allegedly, while pregnant) have plagued the 25-year-old.

Aside from mini-controversies over her drinking, Maci has successfully avoided the sort of interpersonal drama that makes the other Teen Moms such divisive figures.

So it’s strange that at this point, she would choose confess to boozy blowouts with her husband:

“Obviously having three kids is catching up to us,” Maci says in the clip.

“Eighty five percent of the time we’re good to go. The 15 percent is hell.”

Bookout says she and McKinney do their best to keep that other 15 percent off camera.

“All of our stress and emotions we take out on each other,” she says.

“When the cameras leave we’ll drink and freak out. It’s always literally the smallest things. It’s such small stuff but it blows up.”

Asked if she feels attending couples therapy might help alleviate some of her problems, Madi dejectedly replies:

“It’s not going to go away.”

This isn’t the first time that fans have been giving reason to believe that Maci is giving a false impression of her life.

She seems to be more skilled than her co-stars in terms of presenting her situation as far more stable than it actually is.

But even the most carefully-constructed facades tend to crumble in time.

Watch Teen Mom online and decide for yourself if Maci seems to be hiding something.

Source: celebweddings