Ryan Edwards … he’s had an eventful month, huh?

First, the whole world learned about his worsening drug addiction, thanks to a tearful confession from Maci Bookout on Teen Mom OG.

We not only learned that he was doing drugs, but that things had recently taken a turn for the worse.

Things were so bad that Maci was scared she’d wake up one morning to the news that he’d died.

Then, a few days after that episode aired, we learned that Ryan had gone off to rehab to work on his addiction.

But just before he left, he married Mackenzie Standifer.

Oh, and Mackenzie may or may not be losing custody of her three-year-old son thanks to the revelation of Ryan’s drug use.

It’s a lot, right?

Over the weekend, after roughly a month in rehab, Ryan resurfaced in some Instagram photos — he attended a music festival in Chattanooga with Mackenzie and a friend.

So it would seem like he’s completed rehab.

It would also seem like he’s still a jackass, since one of the first social media posts he made after his release was a meme slamming Maci.

You remember, the super classy, not at all offensive Martin Luther King photo, along with text that read “I have a dream that one day my psycho baby’s mama will shut the f-ck up.”

But despite that unnecessary, uncalled for move, Maci says in a new interview that Ryan is doing well these days.

“We’re all just taking it one day at a time, one step at a time,” she tells Life & Style.

“Ryan is doing good. He’s doing what he needs to do and that’s all any of us can ask right now. We’re just trying to make sure he stays focused on himself.”

She adds that he doesn’t have to worry about staying clean on his own, because “he’s got me.”

He’s also got his brand new wife and his parents, but sure, it’s also good that he has his “psycho baby’s mama” on his side, too.

Maci tells the magazine that these past few months have “definitely been a roller coaster,” but she’s determined to help Ryan for Bentley’s sake.

“In times like these,” she explains, “if you feel like you are running out of strength, you just have to keep digging deeper.”

She also had some words for her admittedly amazing husband, Taylor McKinney, who she’s said has been her rock during this tough time.

“He’s my best friend and knows everything about me,” she gushes.

“It’s definitely nice to have him there with me and to listen to me or to give me advice or to just be present. He is a great, great guy.”

It really sounds like it.

It also sounds like Ryan has a good support system, so hopefully rehab will take for him this time.

Source: celebweddings