You’ll never believe this, but we have another not-so-flattering story about Mackenzie Standifer to share today.

Except you’ll definitely believe it, because out of all the many, many stories of Mackenzie we’ve shared in the past several months, literally none of them have been flattering.

It’s just that she’s so … what’s the word … snake-like? Manipulative? Untrustworthy? Terrible?

It’s hard to say, but the point is that Mackenzie is Teen Mom OG’s biggest villain right now, and that point is proven yet again in this sneak peek for next week’s episode.

In this clip, Maci is driving around town with a couple of friends, and she tells them that she just got an invitation to Ryan and Mackenzie’s wedding in the mail.

“I thought that already happened,” one friend says — and we can’t help but detect a little bit of shade at the reference to the parking lot wedding of the century.

Maci says that while they are already married, they’re planning on having an actual wedding, which was the one that took place in November.

But that’s not exactly what she wanted to discuss with her pals.

“The wedding invitation is only addressed for myself and Bentley,” she says. “Like it says Maci Bookout, not Maci McKinney, and Bentley.”

And that’s not cool.

We use Maci’s maiden name because that’s how people know her — like, nobody is out there Googling “Maci McKinney.”

But obviously Mackenzie has a close relationship with Maci as the stepmother of her son, so there’s no chance she wouldn’t know the proper way to address her.

And to leave out her husband and her two other children on the invitation?

Come on, Mackenzie. Come on.

Her friend asks who she thinks addressed the invitations, and she points out that it’s definitely “a girl’s handwriting.”

But instead of making a big deal about the slight, Maci says that she’s just going to RSVP to the invitation with her married name and her actual number of guests.

Her friend suggests that she respond to the invitation with “not attending,” and she laughs and admits that she wishes she could do that.

Who could blame her for not looking forward to that mess?

The clip ends with Maci’s friend saying “shame on” Ryan and Mackenzie for this petty little move — and if it wasn’t a petty move, then it certainly was a thoughtless one.

Check out the drama in the video below:

Source: celebweddings