When it comes to shows like Teen Mom OG, there’s good drama, and there’s bad drama

Good drama is stuff like the feud between Farrah Abraham and Amber Portwood–entertaining fluff of no real consequence.

Sadly, it seems that on this week’s episode, viewers will see Maci Bookout endure drama that goes beyond “bad” and into the realm of tragic.

A preview clip from the episode shows Maci and husband Taylor McKinney at dinner, discussing the possibility of expanding their family.

It seems they had previously talked about the possibility of adopting, and both agreed that they would prefer to adopt a child in the “4 to 6 age range” rather than an infant.

After the adoption discussion, Maci reluctantly revealed that she would be open to the idea of getting pregnant again,

“If you seriously want to have another baby, then I’ll do it, but I still want to adopt, too,” she told Taylor.

“But if we want to do it naturally, I want to do it, like, now.”

“If we want it to happen, it’s gonna happen like that,” Taylor replied, with a snap of his fingers.

At that point, the tone of the conversation changed abruptly, and a downcast Maci remarked, “You’re forgetting something.”

Taylor sat silent for a moment before meekly excusing himself from the table.

When one of the show’s producers came over to see if Maci was okay, she made a tragic revelation:

“I had a miscarriage,” Bookout said. “Her name is Dande. Dandelion.”

“I don’t want to talk about it,” McKinney interjected.

“I think it’s important for people that are watching that we talk about it,” Maci said.

“I would like to talk to our parents about it first,” Taylor replied.

There’s obviously no rule book for dealing with something like a miscarriage, and both parties make valid points about discussing the matter publicly.

Other women who have suffered miscarriages may find solace in learning that Maci shares their heartbreak, but at the same time, even reality stars are entitled to a modicum of privacy.

It’s terrible that Maci had to endure such a loss, but she’s no doubt serving as a needed source of support for those who have suffered in the same way.

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Source: celebweddings