Ryan Edwards has undergone a lot of changes recently.

In just the past six months Edwards has gone to rehab, overcome a life-threatening addiction, gotten married twice (same girl, two separate ceremonies), and launched a concerted effort to become more of a presence in the life of his son, Bentley.

Unfortunately, Ryan’s relationship with his baby mama, Maci Bookout, hasn’t improved along with the rest of his circumstances.

In fact, relations between the exes have hit a new rock bottom, and Ryan and Maci aren’t the only one suffering for it…

1. Rehabbed Ryan

Over the summer, Ryan checked into rehab after becoming addicted to heroin and prescription painkillers. He’s been sober for several months now, but he’s still struggling to regain Maci’s trust.

2. Father’s Day Showdown

On a recent episode of Teen Mom 2, Maci brought Bentley to Ryan’s parents house for Father’s Day. The visit did not go smoothly.

3. Custody Battle Brewing?

Ryan vaguely threatened Maci with a court battle before she left his parents’ house with Bentley in tow. The scene confirmed what many viewers had feared–the fight over Bentley is soon to get even uglier.

4. A Silver Lining?

Ryan supporters were hopeful that his eagerness to fight for increased parental rights was a sign that Edwards would begin taking a more active role in Bentley’s life. As this week’s episode of TM2 showed us, however, that doesn’t appear to be the case.

5. Drug Test Drama

Ever since Ryan left rehab, Maci has been clear about what she expects from him as a father. Her trust is understandably shaken, and she wants Edwards to submit to drug testing before he’s permitted to spend time alone with Bentley. On this week’s episode, he appeared reluctant to do so.

6. Disappointing Dad

Many fans expressed disappointment in Ryan, particularly after being reminded that he, Maci, and Bentley aren’t the only ones who’s lives are affected by his bad behavior…

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