It’s only been eight months since Maci Bookout and Taylor McKinney got married, but it seems the Teen Mom stars’ wedded bliss has already given way to the complexities of life in a blended family under the constant glare of the media magnifying glass.

On last night’s episode of Teen Mom: OG, we learned that Maci and Taylor have entered marriage counseling.

While that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re having serious relationship troubles, many fans have pointed out that there’s ample reason to believe that Maci and Taylor’s home life is less than ideal.

For starters, there’s the revelation that it’s not unusual for Maci and Taylor to engage in drunken fights off camera.

“Obviously, having three kids is catching up to us,” Maci told her friend Keelie in a scene from last night’s installment.

“Eighty-five percent of the time, we’re good to go. The rest of the 15 percent, it’s hell. It’s like all of our stress and emotion and everything … we take it out on each other.”

Bookout added:

“When the cameras leave, we’ll drink and freak out. It’s always like, literally, the smallest things.”

Maci didn’t go into specifics about what she meant by “freak out,” but the comment certainly didn’t paint a pretty picture.

Fortunately, she and Taylor followed Keelie’s advice and sought counseling.

Based on the comments she made to her therapist, it sounds like Maci allows the day-to-day pressures of her hectic life to build up , and then vents her frustrations after her tongue’s been loosened by a few Bud Lights:

“All of the little things build up because neither of us ever communicate them,” Bookout told the couple’s counselor.

“Then all of a sudden, we’re mad and we don’t even know why we’re mad.”

She added:

“To be honest with you, he could go the rest of our lives and never tell me ‘thank you’ or ‘you’re awesome.’ Just grab my ass every now and then and give me a kiss.”

We’re sure the situation isn’t helped by recent issues involving Maci’s first baby daddy.

Fans learned last week that Ryan Edwards has checked into rehab for unspecified substance abuse issues.

Sources close to Maci say she’d been frequently breaking down in tears out of concern for her ex.

So Ryan, Maci, and Taylor are all far from out of the woods, but the important thing is that they’re seeking the right kind of help, which considerably improves their chances of working through these issues.

And for that, we commend them.

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Source: celebweddings