Tomorrow’s the big day, friends!

Sometime on Saturday, Ryan Edwards and Mackenzie Standifer will promise to leave each other for always, for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health, until death (or another Tinder scandal) do them part.

Yep, Ryan and Mackenzie are having their second wedding ceremony tomorrow — and from what we know so far, this one will be quite a bit different than their first.

Just in case you forgot — LOL, just kidding, the Teen Mom OG footage of their wedding will stay with you until the day you die — the first wedding took place in a parking lot by the aquarium in Chattanooga.

The only guests were Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry, and also Ryan’s dog. Jen cried throughout most of it.

Ryan admitted that his son, Bentley, didn’t know about the wedding, and it’s probably safe to say that Mackenzie’s son didn’t know about it either.

As if all of that wasn’t depressing enough, we also saw Ryan drive himself and Mackenzie to their parking lot location while super, super high, and he seemed to be nodding off during the ceremony, too.

They wanted to get married quick to help in their custody case for Bentley, which … OK, sure, that makes sense.

But as we saw in previous Teen Mom episodes, they’d been planning a much more traditional church wedding for this November.

And now that it is November, we know they’re actually going through with this thing, too!

Mackenzie confirmed the news earlier this week, explaining that this wedding will take place “in this little cathedral-type church and it’s just absolutely beautiful.”

“We went for a rustic-chic theme so there are elements that are super formal and elements that are just very laid-back,” she said. “But it’s gorgeous.”

“There’s a reception afterwards that’s in this old warehouse-type space that’s been redone. The ceremony is me: super urban, super chic. The reception is Ryan, where it’s rustic.”

We don’t know that we’d describe Mackenzie as “super urban” OR “super chic,” but if that’s how she sees herself, then bless her.

It’s also weird that she keeps referring to Ryan’s aesthetic as “rustic” — is it because literally the only things we’ve ever seen him enjoy have been four wheelers and killing cats?

Surprisingly, Mackenzie also revealed that Maci Bookout, Ryan’s ex and the mother of his son, was invited to the wedding.

“She invited us to her wedding,” she said. “Everything is just kind of at a resting place right now. It’s about our boys. This is a day about us, yes. But it’s also about us becoming a family.”

What she said is true, but it’s a little shocking to hear, considering that just a few months ago, she basically blamed Maci for Ryan’s drug use.

On the Teen Mom OG reunion special for the last season, Mackenzie read a letter to Maci in which she accused her of “exploiting Ryan’s addiction on the show.”

She claimed that the incident on the way to the wedding, the one where Ryan was nodding off behind the wheel, was the very first time she ever noticed that he might be on drugs, and if Maci knew before then and didn’t tell her, well, then if anything happened to him it would be her fault.

After that, Maci hit Mackenzie with “You’re so full of sh-t that your eyes are brown,” Mackenzie stormed off the stage … it wasn’t great.

But it seems like things have improved since then — because Maci is actually going to the wedding!

A source close to Mackenzie spoke to Radar Online, explaining that “Mackenzie received Maci’s response card. Yes, she will be there. They are getting along.”

She’ll bring along her husband, Taylor McKinney, and of course Bentley will be there, but no one else from the Teen Mom crew will be there.

Well, except for the actual Teen Mom crew, because they’re filming the event for the show.

And we thought we couldn’t get more excited for this trainwreck of a wedding!

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