Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee and her husband Josh McKee shocked fans by becoming embroiled in a public feud this week.

At issue? Allegations that she cheated on him – a claim she adamantly denies, but which gained a hell of a lot of traction on Facebook. 

In the married couple’s back-and-forth, there was a good deal of harsh name calling and a lot of frustration expressed, to put it mildly.

As exhaustively compiled by Starcasm in a Pulitzer-worthy timeline, a “friend” of Mackenzie’s named Quinn told Josh that she cheated.

Mackenzie was having a fling with a guy named Dylan, according to Quinn. What gave this story such legs is this simple fact, however:

Josh apparently believes Quinn, not Mackenzie.

In a fit of rage, amazingly playing out in a public forum, Josh brought up the Mackenzie McKee sex tape and other rumors of infidelity.

Yeah. This marital spat got super, super ugly.

“Found out something very interesting yesterday. If you have a strong gut feeling that something is going on don’t be blind,” he wrote.

“My so called wife always feels like it necessary to go on her social media and post sh!t that makes her look like a god d@mn princess.”

Ouch. Mackenzie, he alleges, fronts like “she has no faults and wants everyone to see her pitty [sic] excuse and soothe her with comfort.”

“That’s bullsh!t. I have have been going to work and I kept getting a lot of red flags that something is going on while I’m gone.”

“Come to find out I have always been right!”

When some fans came to his wife’s defense in terms of Teen Mom 3 portraying her in a certain light, he doubled down on his position.

Moreover, he accused his wife and her manager of concocting fake drama and orchestrating this soap opera to keep her/them relevant:

“Enough said! It’s not about the show, it’s about all the articles that came out after the show. The p0rn video was all her idea,” he said.

“Me throwing my wedding ring down the toilet was all her idea, me leaving her when she was pregnant was all her idea.”

“The funny thing is I was laying in our bed at our house when I seen that one. And the list can keep going. So no it’s not about the show. lol”

Mackenzie then acknowledged some of those claims, in terms of manufacturing “storylines,” but adamantly denied cheating on Josh.

Quinn, however, alleged that they just talked “for 2 hours telling you that I wanted you two to work out cause I’ve seen divorce and it sucks.”

“But no you want to make up more bullsh!t.”

“Stop being physco Mackenzie. I’m not screwing josh I’m not with josh since you decided to blow my phone up last night accuse me of this.”

“You cheated Mackenzie straight up. We have seen the proof Dylan confessed it to Maddie so maybe you should stop lying.”

“Josh knows the truth. So how about you keep me off this post cause I haven’t said sh!t about you,” Quinn said, throwing down the gauntlet.

McKee claimed that “Maddie told Josh himself I didn’t touch Dylan” and that “your [sic] the only one here saying I cheated.”

Why would a so-called friend do that?

“Because your wish is to have us ripped apart. Quinn. You set me up last night and had josh three wayd in and all of the truth was revealed.”

“Which was DUN DUN DUN… nothing happened and you made this all up,” the Teen Mom 3 star and mother of three insisted.

Case closed, right? Oh no. OH no.

Follow the above link to read what happened next, and see if Mackenzie may have a point when she claims she’s been unfairly tarnished.

Source: celebweddings