As far as we know, Farrah Abraham is still fired from Teen Mom OG.

She still appears on the show’s current season, but it seems she won’t continue to participate going forward.

Which means the hunt for Farrah’s replacement is on.

Sources have confirmed that two frontrunners emerged early on – Teen Mom 3 star Mackenzie McKee, and Mackenzie Standifer, wife of Teen Mom OG star Ryan Edwards.

At first, it looked as though producers were favoring Standifer, but new information seems to indicate McKee might be the one to land the gig…


1. A Familiar Face

Longtime fans of the Teen Mom franchise will recognize Mackenzie as one of the stars of the short-lived Teen Mom 3. If social media is any indication, fans remained interested in her life in the years since the show was canceled.

2. A Married Mom

A mother of three from Oklahoma, Mackenzie married longtime boyfriend Josh McKee in 2013. Her story was featured on the first and only season of Teen Mom 3.

3. Beat By Briana

When producers decided to add a fifth member to the Teen Mom 2 cast, they reportedly considered Mackenzie, but decided to go with Briana DeJesus instead. McKee was apparently crushed by the decision.

4. A Second Chance

With Farrah being fired, Mackenzie may finally get a second shot at stardom. But she’ll have to beat out yet another rival to earn a spot on one of TV’s most popular reality shows.

5. Battle of the Mackenzies

Ryan Edwards’ wife, Mackenzie Standifer, is also being considered as Farrah’s replacement. There was a time when insiders claimed she had the upper hand, due to the fact that she had already appeared on the show, and thus, did not need to be introduced to viewers.

6. McKee Takes the Lead

But now, Mackenzie is the front-runner, and she recently dropped two clues that have fans thinking she’s already got the job…

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