Oh, that Mackenzie Standifer … has Teen Mom ever had such a universally hated cast member?

Well, there was the complete douchebaggery that was Matt Baier. And most people have pretty strong feelings against Farrah Abraham.

Mackenzie’s husband, Ryan Edwards, has never been that likable himself.

But still, there’s just something special about Mackenzie, something that makes her so very easy to despise.

And she’s making that even easier with a new blog she wrote about Ryan’s addiction …

1. Suspicious …

If you’ve watched Teen Mom at all in the past few years, you’ve probably noticed that Ryan’s seemed a little bit … off. From his bugged out eyes to his disappearances to “the bank” for hours every day, something just wasn’t right with him.

2. The Big Reveal

Turns out, that “something” was drugs.

3. Understandable Tears

As Maci revealed in an episode last season, Ryan had been struggling with addiction. She didn’t give out any details, but it was obvious that Ryan was into something bad.

4. Heroin?

At one point last season, Maci said that a friend of Ryan’s had texted her and let her know that things had somehow gotten even worse for him, and though again she didn’t get into specifics, the news obviously shook her up. Then, in this scene from the season finale, fans spotted what looked like track marks on Ryan’s arms.

5. What a Nightmare

After fans spotted those alleged track marks, they saw Ryan nod off while driving himself and Mackenzie to their parking lot wedding. It was definitely one of the most shocking moments in the history of Teen Mom, and it made it clear that Ryan had a big, big problem.

6. Yep, Heroin

And on an episode this season, it was confirmed that Ryan was doing heroin, so there’s that tragic little tidbit.

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