As we’ve been hearing for the past few days now, Ryan Edwards may have gotten himself into quite the pickle.

No, he didn’t finally see some consequences for driving under the influence on national TV, and we wouldn’t call this karma for being one of the worst dads on Teen Mom.

Really, this is just about Ryan doing something really, really dumb and getting caught.

Because, as it turns out, a lot of people look down on you if you get a Tinder account and holler at the local ladies when you’re married.

But that’s just what this guy did: he started chatting with a Chattanooga girl on the dating app, he asked her if she was DTF, and things got crazier from there.

He was pretty persistent in his messages, asking her repeatedly if she wanted to “chill.”

After a couple of days of messaging on Tinder, they moved their conversation over to texts, where things got significantly weirder.

In those screenshots, which the woman in question so graciously shared with the internet, Ryan continued to hound her for a meetup.

He told her that even though he’s married now, he still likes “to have a little fun,” and they began arranging a time and place to hook up.

She did get a little wary when he wouldn’t send her any additional pics — after all, who knows how many sketchy men would try to use Ryan’s identity to catfish unsuspecting women?

But he sent her a selfie and a couple of dick pics, which eased her mind a bit.

Along with the dick pics, he sent her some pretty graphic texts — romantic little nothings like “me me hard” and “let me see how pink it is.”

When the screenshots came to an end, they were finalizing plans to meet.

And even if he never actually went through with it, many, many people would still consider what he did cheating.

Ryan has denied all of this with the simple statement “I’m married. Get f-ck out of here with that dumb sh-t.”

But, interestingly enough, the phone number linked to the text messages has been confirmed to be his.

It’s such a great big mess, right?

And you have to wonder how Ryan’s wife of three months, Mackenzie Standifer, feels about the whole thing.

The good news here?

You don’t have to wonder anymore, because Mac hopped on her Instagram account yesterday to send a pretty clear message about the scandal.

The bad news?

It’s really just a terrible message.

She shared the photo above in which she’s proudly displaying her wedding and engagement rings, and for the caption she left the following quote:

“She’s bad ass with a good heart. Soft but strong. Unapologetic and honest. She’s the type of woman you go to war beside, the type of woman you m a r r y.”

Seriously, she put those emphasizing spaces between the letters in “marry” and everything.

And, just in case you weren’t clear on her feelings here, she also changed her Instagram handle to Mackenzie Edwards — up until a few days ago, it had been Mackenzie Standifer.

We get standing by your man and all, but seriously, why is this girl so dedicated to Ryan?

She went through with marrying him in the most tragic wedding ceremony in history — he could have killed her on the ride over, and he was nodding off while they were exchanging vows.

After the news of his drug problem got it, she tried to blame it all on Maci Bookout while she claimed she knew nothing about it until after the wedding.

And now that it’s looking pretty certain that Ryan is stepping out on here, she doubles down on her support of him.

It’s weird.

At this point, it can’t be any clearer that Ryan is, at best, a sketchy guy. And at worst … we really don’t even want to think about it.

And if Mackenzie wants to put up with all of that … well, best wishes, we guess.

Source: celebweddings