It’s starting to look like Ryan Edwards is going to have quite the mess on his hands when he returns home from rehab.

Can’t a guy get clean from hard drugs in peace?!

According to recent reports, Ryan has struggled with addiction for at least five years now.

His ex-girlfriend, Dalis Connell, revealed that bit of information in a statement to Radar — she said that he began abusing powerful prescription painkillers back in 2012.

Things were so bad that he went to rehab that December, but obviously it didn’t take.

We’ve seen Ryan acting strangely for at least the past two seasons of Teen Mom OG, and now we know it’s because he relapsed.

According to Maci Bookout, things had gotten so bad in the past few months that she was afraid he’d die, but sadly, his family wasn’t interested in getting him help.

She said that Ryan’s parents, Jen and Larry, as well as his then-fiancée, Mackenzie Standifer, were more concerned with keeping up appearances than getting him help.

And as we’re seeing in the days since the news broke that Ryan went to rehab, that certainly seems to be the case.

After Dalis revealed Ryan’s past drug use, his mother tweeted “And once again this one needs some attention and money!! Sorry honey but you have quite a bit of this wrong!”

Dalis seemed understandably upset in her response — she told her that she’d kept the secret for Ryan and his family for years.

And that’s when Mackenzie stepped in, and everything went to hell.

“Not a secret anymore,” she tweeted. “But keep running your mouth, remember who you and Ryan have in common… before and after you broke up.”

Dalis responded with “LOL. no idea what your remark refers to. i answered a ? girl. your defense shows exactly why i’m blessed to not be in your position anymore.”

A solid comeback, but Mackenzie couldn’t let things lie.

“Let me refresh your memory, Drew, ya know the same guy that helped you get your own pills.. is that why you need the money so badly?”

“My own pills,” Dalis replied with a laughing emoji. “birth control? vitamin c? fish oil? daily vitamin? praying for you sad you feel the need to defend him by lying about some1 else.”

Another good comeback — Dalis has always been very, very into health and fitness.

If she did get into the same things Ryan got into, it wouldn’t be hard to tell. You won’t find any bug-eyed selfies on her Instagram.

But still, Mackenzie continued.

“Lol you forgot a few on your list, but that’s ok,” she wrote. “I guess that’s what drugs do when they go up your nose… eat away at the brain.”

… Did Mac forget that she just got married to a drug addict?

How is she going to sit there and talk about drugs “eating away at the brain” when her husband is in rehab right for the same things she’s accusing Dalis of doing?

So much for being a loving, supportive wife.

Dalis hit back with “Your boyfriend is the snorter babe. look where it got him. this is so comical & petty so I’ll stop-i truly hope things get better for y’all.”

“doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know that placing the ‘blame’ or ‘gossip’ on someone else is a defense mechanism. pray for those people.”

Again, she’s not wrong.

For what it’s worth, another one of Ryan’s exes, Shelby Woods, gave her own statement on Ryan.

She told The Ashley’s Reality Roundup “I feel as though none of that is my business.”

“If Ryan wants to speak in regard to it then that’s fine, but I don’t have anything to say.”

So we have one ex declining to talk about Ryan at all, another wishing him the best, and another who’s been trying to get him help against the wishes of his family.

And then we have Mackenzie, who thinks this Twitter tomfoolery is a good look.

We’ve said it before, we’ll say it again: poor Ryan.

Source: celebweddings