The Browns can celebrate some exciting news.

As has been well documented over the past several weeks, all is not exactly calm and cool between loved ones on Sister Wives.

There has been talk that Kody Brown is either splitting from wife Robyn or wife Meri or even that all four Sister Wives are ready to just up and leave the father of their children.

Ugly rumors have been running rampant, but Maddie Brown and Caleb Brush are here with a bit of exciting news for those who follow this TLC series:

They’re having a baby!

Sorry, you probably knew that already.

Let’s try this again: they’re having a baby BOY!

The couple learned the sex of their impending child during a gender reveal party on Monday and then shared the answer with Us Weekly.

“We are both super excited for our little boy,” Maddie and Caleb have told the tabloid. “Although we had a good hunch that it was a boy, it’s nice to finally know, so we can start preparing!”

According to Us Weekly, the reality stars hosted about 30 close friends and loved ones at Christine Brown’s residence in Las Vegas this week.

The attendees then played a game in which they cut out mustaches or hair bows from paper and actually donned the accessories themselves.

They were also given blue and pink balloons, but only the blue ones could inflate.

Maddie – the daughter of Kody and his second wife, Janelle – is 21 years old.

She made her pregnancy announcement on November 21, sharing an Instagram photo at the time of her husband kissing her baby bump, writing as a caption;

“So happy to announce our little addition!”

The two were married in a beautiful, intimate outdoor ceremony back in June in Montana.

Last month, Maddie posted an image of the expecting parents at Yellowstone National Park.

“Six months being married to you has been more than a fairy tale come true. You truly are my best friend and soul mate! I look forward to the years to come!” she wrote as a caption.

AWWW, right?

It’s been a turbulent time for the Browns of late.

As those who watch Sister Wives online know very well, Maddie’s half-sister, Mariah, stunned her family by coming out of the closet a couple episodes ago.

She stood in front of her dad and other relatives and announced she is gay.

And while Kody was surprised at the news initially, expressing a few reservations and asking a few questions, he did eventually come around.

“A surprise to me. Required some deep thought,” Kody Tweeted of the reveal on Sunday night, adding over the course of a couple more messages:

“After checking to see if she was sure, I just needed her to know she was safe…

“God has prepared my heart and mind for 15 years. Now @mariahlian can feel safe being openly gay with our family.”

That’s pretty impressive for a Mormon to write.

We’re not judging the religion, we’re just noting that many people who practice is are not accepting of the gay lifestyle, based on how they were raised.

But that’s another story.

For now, let us just say…. congratulations to Maddie and Caleb!

Source: celebweddings