Last week we reported on a reunion of the stars of Jersey Shore, the MTV reality series that was briefly the most buzzed-about show on TV.

Curiously, one of the show’s core cast members wasn’t included in the Buger King-sponsored PR stunt.

In fact, we haven’t heard from Ronnie Magro at all in quite some time.

The last time the muscular half of the show’s most dysfunctional relationship made headlines is when it was revealed that Magro was dating Malika Haqq, best friend and assistant of Khloe Kardashian. 

Now, sadly, it seems that relationship (which, come to think of it, may have also been a PR stunt) has come to an anti-climactic close.

Life & Style is reporting that Magro and Haqq have officially called it quits.

The couple met on Famously Single, the VH1 reality show on which Magro’s former castmate Pauly D found love with Aubrey O’Day.

Sadly, it seems lightning didn’t strike twice.

While Pauly and Aubrey are still together and talking marriage, Ronnie and Malika called it quits after just a few months, with Haqq explaining to People magazine that she and Magro were simply “opposites.”

“Ronnie and I are really, truly opposites. His love language is very aggressive. It’s verbally aggressive, it’s physically aggressive. It’s just the way he expresses himself” she told the magazine.

“My love language is communication. I’m a big communicator and I’m affectionate,” Haqq continued.

“We show our love language in two very different ways, so the way we were trying to communicate with each other was often misconstrued because we don’t speak the same language.”

Frankly, we have no idea what the hell any of that means (and the part about Magro being “physically aggressive” is a little disturbing), but it sounds like Ronnie and Malika simply drifted apart.

Haqq admits that things began to cool shortly after they wrapped filming on Famously Single and that the couple realized thy may not be right together not long after re-entering the real world.

“Life is not perfect. Other human beings need room for air and you also need to give yourself room for that,” she tells People.

“That was something that I was working on. I went into this situation as open-hearted as I could be.”

Fortunately, Magro has the Jersey Shore revival series to look forward to and Haqq still gets to be Khloe’s BFF for a living.

So don’t waste too much energy crying for these two.

Source: celebweddings