The love story of Mama June and Sugar Bear is …

Well, it’s about as strange as you’d imagine a love story between people named Mama June and Sugar Bear to be.

Though they’re no longer together, they’ve been through a lot together.

They brought Honey Boo Boo into the world, they became famous together after a particularly scandalous appearance on Toddlers and Tiaras.

And later, they tried to save their failing relationship, even though Sugar Bear had cheated on June with multiple people and June had dated a child molester at one point when they were broken up.

They gave it their best shot — or a shot, anyway — but things didn’t work out.

These days, Sugar Bear is married to Jennifer Lamb, and Mama June has unsuccessfully dated a couple of guys.

Although it seems like they’ve made up their minds, that their love story is over, that may not be the case.

Because another important fact about these people is that Mama June has spent the last several months completely transforming her body — she’s lost a massive amount of weight.

And it seems like Sugar Bear might be kicking himself for losing her.

According to a new report from Hollywood Life, Sugar Bear got a glimpse of that new Baywatch photo shoot June did — the one where she’s showing off her new bod in that iconic red swimsuit.

And it’s making him feel all kinds of ways.

“Sugar Bear is freaking over the pictures of her as a hot Baywatch babe,” a source claims. “He’s kicking himself for messing things up with her.”

“If he had any idea she was going to wind up losing all that weight and looking like a supermodel, he would have worked harder to keep her happy.”

Sad as it is, “He can’t believe the woman he let go is the same one in those sexy pictures. Now he feels like a doper for letting her go.”

Yeah, “doper” is one word we’d use to describe Sugar Bear.

But the fact is that even if Sugar Bear does feel this way — and we have our doubts, considering that he’s always shown a preference for bigger ladies — it really doesn’t matter.

June has made it beyond clear that she wants nothing to do with him anymore.

According to her, he’s been mentally and physically abusive, towards her and towards the kids. And he’s admitted he’s a cheater.

Poor Honey Boo Boo says that he’s body-shamed her in the past, and that he rarely talks to her, let alone sees her.

Throw in that horrible Mama June: From Not to Hot reunion show, the one where Sugar Bear tried to physically fight with June’s older daughter … a reconciliation doesn’t look all that likely.

Hope you find comfort in that photo shoot, Sugar Bear.

It’s probably the most of the new Mama June you’ll ever see.

Source: celebweddings