So hey, don’t know if you heard about it, but Mama June has some pretty strong feelings about her ex, Sugar Bear.

Oh, heck, who are we kidding — of course you’ve heard about it.

No one can possibly look away from this shameful hillbilly trainwreck.

June’s been vocal for a while now about Sugar Bear’s wrongdoings, including all the times he cheated on her while they were together and his unwillingness to step up as a father.

But last week, she dropped the bombshell that he’d allegedly been abusive to June and her daughters.

And now she’s on the warpath.

In a new clip from tonight’s reunion special of Mama June: From Not to Hot, June has a little chat with Lynn Toler, the judge on Divorce Court.

Lynn has also done a lot of work with Marriage Boot Camp, so she’s been familiar with June and Sugar Bear for some time now.

She kicked things off by asking June if she had any feelings whatsoever left for Sugar Bear, of if she was at least upset that he got married so quickly after their split.

June, always one to jump to the point, answered with “No. I’ve never hated anybody as much as I hate him.”

“I would love to call him out on his bullsh-t,” she added. “How, like, reality hit. I knew what I needed to do.”

Well, it looks like she’s getting her wish now — we’d almost go as far as to say that we’ve never seen such an intense, successful calling out of bullsh-t, ever.

She’s been doing interview after interview, revealing her true experiences with Sugar Bear, and he’s making it easy to believe.

Just earlier today, we saw him go off on Pumpkin, June’s 17-year-old daughter. He called her names, ripped his shirt open, and tried to physically fight her.

If he’s willing to fight a 17-year-old girl he helped raise on national television, June’s claims aren’t all that far-fetched, right?

In this new clip, June acknowledged that she needed to move on from Sugar Bear, “not just for myself but for the kids because constantly he’s not going to change.”

Lynn came back to the point about how fast Sugar Bear moved on after breaking up with June — it was less than a year from the time they split to his proposal to Jennifer Lamb.

“I was a little shock, because it was so quick,” June admitted. “And I know Sugar Bear just can’t be alone.”

She also said that with his new marriage, she’s not so much worried about him as she is about Jennifer.

Lynn, ever the truth-seeker, brought up the reports that Sugar Bear had an affair with Jennifer while they were still together — something that he has denied.

When asked if she believes him about the affair, she answered with a simple but firm “Hell no!”

Look, June is certainly no prize herself, and she’d done her share of reprehensible things when it comes to her kids.

But if they feel safer with her than with Sugar Bear, and if he really is as abusive as she says, then good on her for taking them out of that situation.

As for Sugar Bear … come on, man. Get it together, at least a little bit.

Source: celebweddings