Dating is one thing, but is Mariah Carey really ready to get married to boytoy dancer Bryan Tanaka?

Reportedly, she’s not only ready to tie the knot but actively pressuring him to propose.

“Bryan’s eating out of her palm again now and Mariah’s desperate to seal the deal before they get sabotaged again,” an insider claims.

The report that Mariah is pressuring Bryan comes from RadarOnline and their source.

We’d really rather hear it directly from Mariah … though obviously she’d never just come out and say that.

It’s not a casual Katy Perry diss, after all.

Not everyone’s onboard with their relationship, either.

“So many people from both their circles have tried to keep them apart, but she’s convinced they have what it takes to last the course,” the source says.

Well, all sides being against the union sounds like a tragic romance. Not always the best set-up when there are children in the mix.

Even the anonymous insider cautioned that Mariah’s feelings aren’t set in stone:

“Obviously, her feelings change like the wind each day, but to be fair Bryan has a hold over her that no other guy’s had for a long time.”

Yes, even the unidentified tipster has doubts.

Again, it’s usually healthy to view things coming from “a source” with a grain of salt.

But this isn’t the least believable story in the world.

Bryan was her backup dancer back in 2006, so they’ve known each other for eleven years.

That is a long-ass time to know someone, even just as friends.

And, um, they’re clearly more than that.

Before we get ahead of ourselves, we do need to think a little about context.

Mariah’s breakup with billionaire James Packer was, well, reportedly because of all kinds of things, from allegations of cheating with Bryan Tanaka to extravagant spending habits.

The spending thing sounds pretty realistic to us — financial disagreements are a very common, if not terribly salacious, reason for breakups.

But if she was spending too much for James’ liking, how is she going to go from being a sugar baby to a sugar momma?

Well, as much of a sugar baby as Mariah could have been since she’s worth half a billion — and as much of a sugar baby as Bryan can be if he’s worth around a million.

It’s all relative, apparently.

Still, it doesn’t seem like it’s the best next step for her to take in a relationship.

Maybe she isn’t thinking with her head right now.

Hopefully, she’ll make the best decision for herself and her children.

You don’t want to get married based on thirst alone. Not when you’re nearly fifty.

And super not when you have kids.

Source: celebweddings