On last week’s season finale of Married at First Sight, viewers were stunned to learn that all three couples decided to stay married.

Yes, even Danielle and Cody.

Despite the fact that she barely wants to hold her husband’s hand.

A week after revealing the fate of its six stars, the Lifetime reality show aired a reunion special, which was filmed six months after these twosome chose to remain husband and wife.

All this time later, and considering all the problems some of these couples encountered, there’s no way each marriage is still going strong, right?


Despite not sounding very into each other – and despite STILL NOT HAVING HAD ANY SEX! – Danielle and Cody have not split up, the reality star said on the special.

“I still just don’t feel in love, I think, so it’s very hard for me to totally embrace it,” Danielle said in regard to the pair’s total lack of a sex life.

Danielle and Cody met and married at the Palmer House Hilton in August 2016. They went on a honeymoon in the Caribbean afterward and then moved in together.

Listening to the pair not exactly gush over each other, the trio of Married at First Sight brought up Danielle’s dogs and congratulated Cody for being a “good dad” to them.

So at least this marriage now makes sense: Danielle is still in it because she’s found herself a high quality dog sitter!

Let’s talk about Sheila and Nate now.

They are living with Nate’s younger brother and still together.

Sheila says life has been easier ever since cameras stopped following them around everywhere.

“Nate and I entered this process with a lot of hope and a lot of optimism, but we were definitely individuals and I think that we have definitely assimilated and we are one,” she said during the reunion, adding:

“I love this man and when you have two people who want it this badly, I think that our future is going to be amazing.”

And now we wrap up with Ashley and Anthony.

They are living near Ashley’s sister, which was an issue early in their marriage, but which seems to have now worked itself out.

Despite a few rumors to the contrary, they are NOT expecting their first child.

“We still have awhile for that,” Ashley said. “It’s in the future, it’s going to happen, but not yet.”

To conclude the reunion, all three couples sat down together to answer questions from viewers.

We didn’t learn a ton from this gathering, except that Sheila really loves make-up sex.

Also, Ashley is working on being more adventurous, while Cody and Danielle are simply committed to the whole “building intimacy” thing.

Forget the make-up sex. They need to just start with basic sex and work their way up (or down, if you know what we mean!) from there.

We wish them the best of luck.

NOTE: Married at First Sight Season 6 will feature three couples from Boston. But Lifetime has not yet announced a premiere date.

Source: celebweddings