On November 24th, while most of us were still working on our leftover turkey, Teen Mom “star” and notorious fame-seeker Matt Baier was getting married.

We’re still bewildered by the news, but we’ve learned a lot about this random relationship since the nuptuals.

And now we know more about the Vegas wedding itself.

Matt Baier’s wife, Jennifer Conlon, has already spoken out about him and why they decided to get married: 

“When you meet somebody and you have a connection, you know it in your heart.”

Thinking with your heart sure will lead you to make some choices, folks.

“It’s not something you question. It felt right to us.”

Well, that explains their relationship … sort of. But what about marriage?

“Getting married is something we wanted. We decided it was time, so he asked me to marry him.”

That’s how proposals usually work.

“Matt is a wonderful man,” Jennifer Conlon claims.

All evidence on Teen Mom to the contrary?

“What people think of him and how he’s portrayed, that’s not the man he truly is.”

Ah, the ol’ “he’s a totally different person now because I say he is” line. Sure.

So, if Matt Baier isn’t what the world has seen him to be, then what exactly is he like?

“He is everything and more. He’s generous and loving. It’s unfortunate that people think differently.”

Well, if you go on television and portray yourself as a slimy, dishonest guy who seemed to be there for the cameras and not for Amber, how are people supposed to reach different conclusions?

“Matt is a good man, yet he gets attacked in a way I don’t understand. That’s not the person in front of me. His actions don’t show that.”

So he’s one of those very rare people who are better behaved when they aren’t on camera.

Conlon goes on to explain how Matt Baier is magically a better person now.

“His past has nothing to do with the relationship.”


“The life we have now is what we have now. Matt is a wonderful partner, friend and someone who listens.”


“I take a person for who they are today and what they do now.”

It’s like the old saying goes: those who forget the past live in bliss and never regret it!

“He’s my best friend. He loves me for me. We look forward to having a beautiful life together. My life led to finding my soul mate.”

All of that … very affectionate nonsense tells you plenty about their relationship, in terms of feelings.

But what new information do we now know about their wedding itself?

Well, The Ashley reports that Matt Baier and Jennifer Conlon got married in Vegas, which we already knew, because their marriage certificate was registered in Clark County, Nevada.

Remember how Matt Baier tried to get Amber Portwood to get married in the Little White Wedding Chapel in Vegas?

Well, don’t worry, he didn’t try to repeat this with Jennifer Conlon. These two tied the knot in The Little Neon Chapel.

Nothing classes things up like neon!

The couple got the “traditional” ceremony (as traditional as you can get in a small room in what’s technically part of a shopping center). That means that they did not have the ceremony officiated by an Elvis impersonator.

The best news is that it doesn’t sound like either of their children were forced to bear witness to this … touching moment of genuine affection … as all of the witnesses to their union were unfamiliar names. The Ashley suggests that they were provided by the chapel, and we are inclined to agree.

Well, at least Farrah Abraham is happy for Matt Baier, for whatever that’s worth.

Though this random union has left us scratching our heads, we’re reminded of one little detail:

So, Conlon said that she didn’t watch Matt Baier, implying that his “fame” (is there such a thing as a W-list celebrity? Because that’s Baier) wasn’t what attracted her to him.

Yet witnesses have reportedly said that she recognized him from TV when they first met.

What if Conlon is running the same game on Baier that he ran on Amber Portwood? Well, part of it — getting famous by association?

We’re not accusing her of anything, of course, but we can’t help but wonder.

If so, well, Matt Baier might be getting a taste of his own medicine.

Source: celebweddings