Apparently Matt Baier has moved on from Amber Portwood. Just months after their breakup, the infamous Teen Mom star is married.

Not dating, not engaged, but married.

This comes as quite the surprise, to put it mildly, given where he and Amber were earlier this year – even earlier this summer.

So who is Matt’s wife (!) and how did this come to be? How will Portwood – now expecting a baby of her own – respond to this bombshell?

Join us as we attempt to get to the bottom of who Matt Baier married, why she agreed and what this means for the Teen Mom universe …

1. The Longtime Couple

A seemingly mismatched pair from the start, Amber Portwood and Matt Baier had been together for several years before calling it quits this summer. To put it mildly, he had baggage, and they had major trust issues.

2. A Shaky Foundation

Matt, a Teen Mom superfan, also famously flirted with Jenelle Evans and Farrah Abraham online before making a connection with Portwood and somehow entering a serious relationship with her. Many saw him as a walking, talking red flag from the beginning, and that’s even before we learned about his past …

3. Gary Does His Research

A good thing too. Gary Shirley, the father of Amber Portwood’s daughter and noted Matt Baier critic, famously confronted her on Teen Mom OG with a dossier of sorts on her new partner. This contained the almost too crazy to believe revelation that Matt has at least seven children from at least two previous relationships (some other accounts claim that he has eight or nine kids … he has never denied that it’s one of these large amounts).

4. Standing By Him Just the Same

While learning about Matt’s past – something he blamed on years of addiction – caused Amber to call off the couple’s wedding at the time, she did not end the relationship. If anything, they seemed to come out stronger following the intense backlash he received, as she frequently lashed out at his critics.

5. You Have No F–king Idea!

Amber even wrote the foreword for Matt’s book, which actually exists, and in which he defiantly tells his life story. It was the ultimate show of unity from the couple, who announced plans to marry once again.

6. The Wheels Come Off

Alas, Matt’s penchant for shadiness reared its ugly head again earlier this year, as he was caught in a number of compromising situations – with the Teen Mom: OG cameras rolling no less.

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