Shhh…. stop what you’re doing and listen closely, celebrity gossip fans.

According to an endless array of semi-reliable reports, you should be able to hear Meghan Markle and Prince Harry wedding bells in the distance.

But how far in the distance? That’s the question to which we may now have an answer.

According to Entertainment Tonight, an outlet not typically known for wild speculation, Markle is about to make some major life changes.

The website spoke to a “royal expert” named Katie Nicholl, who confirmed chatter that Markle is done with Suits and added in detail:

“[She will] likely to be moving to London as soon as November. She’s not signing up for another series of Suits. She’s planning to leave Canada and make London her new, permanent home.”


This is sad news for fans of the surprisingly popular USA Network drama, on which Markle currently stars as Rachel Zane.

But it’s exciting news for those anxious for another Royal Wedding!

“There’s a lot of talk about where exactly they’ll live,” Nicholl says to ET, adding:

“Currently Prince Harry lives at Nottingham Cottage, which is a three-bedroom, small cottage in the [Kensington Palace] grounds. I am told that she will be moving into Kensington Palace.

“In fact, she already keeps a wardrobe of clothes at Harry’s house over in Kensington Palace and she’s going to be spending all of her time over here from now on.”

Okay, okay, okay.

Great, whatever.

Let’s get down to the important questions:

“I think particularly with royal engagements, it really is all about the timing,” explains Nicholls.

“You have to remember there are other engagements and events coming up in the royal calendar that an engagement simply couldn’t clash with.

“I think that the new year is probably a more realistic prospect for an engagement announcement.”

Darn. We were hoping it would be sooner.

It seems like a new gossip item is posted each day that alleges an announcement is imminent.

Nicholl thinks the actual wedding will take place in June.

And she bases this guess partly on Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy.

“The duchess will have to get her figure back in time for a wedding and Prince William, who we are all assuming will be best man, will need to be available and not thinking about rushing off to a hospital,” Nicholl says, sort of harshly.

She concludes:

“I think there will need to be a bit of space between the royal baby being born mid-April and Meghan and Harry tying the knot.

“This summer is probably going to be the best bet for a royal wedding.”

That final bit of analysis makes sense.

We can understand the family wanting to keep such significant life events separate from one another.

The more pressing issue at hand may be whether Markle and Harry make a huge deal out of their wedding or not.

In the past, a Royal Ceremony would literally shut down the country. It would be a national holiday. There would be no school or work and everyone would come out to cheer on the newlyweds.

But sources have said Harry isn’t down with this plan and that British citizens are angry as a result.

No word from Nicholl on this rumor.

But we’ll keep investigating and let readers know what we uncover.

Source: celebweddings