In just three months, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry will be married, and the royal family will have another new member.

In many obvious ways, of course, Meghan differs from her predecessors and future in-laws.

She’s American; she’s divorced; she’s an actress, and she’s black.

Despite the fact that we’re living in an age in which billionaires are launching cars into space for fun, the planet is still populated by troglodytes, so that last fact is throwing the global moron elite for a loop.

Speaking of troglodytes (we promise we’ll get back to Meghan momentarily), you may have heard about Cheddar Man, the oldest skeleton ever discovered in the UK, who researchers now believe had dark skin.

This reminder that human life originated in Africa had outraged some very vocal bigots, including alt-right GOP congressional candidate Paul Nehlen, who decided to put his racism on display over the weekend.

Nehlen is looking to unseat Speaker of the House Paul Ryan, and it seems he thought getting permanently suspended from Twitter would be a good way to kick off his campaign.

Over the weekend, Nehlen tweeted an image in which Meghan’s face was superimposed over that of the reconstructed Cheddar Man.

Apparently, he thought this was some sort of droll commentary on race and modern Britain.

Not surprisingly, the entire planet disagreed.

Meghan’s former Suits co-star Patrick J. Adams fired off a number of scathing tweets, in which he referred to Nehlen as “a sad and sick man with no sense of shame or class.”

“Get a life,” Adams tweeted.

“And don’t go anywhere near MM – she’s got more power, strength, honour and compassion in her fingernail than you’ll ever know in this lifetime. Way above your weight class.”

It seems the head honchos at Twitter agreed with Adams’ assessment, as Nehlen has been permanently booted from the popular social media platform:

“While we normally do not comment on individual accounts, I can confirm that we have permanently suspended this account for repeated violations of our terms of service,” a statement from the site reads.

Sadly, banning one racist troll from Twitter is like putting a Band-Aid on a bullet wound, and Meghan probably has more of this sort of treatment in store.

This has been your Monday reminder that everything is terrible. Enjoy the rest of your week!

Source: celebweddings