To hear the British tabloids tell it, you’d think the whole thing is a foregone conclusion:

Prince Harry will marry Meghan Markle at some point, they’ve been telling us. It’s just a matter of when.

The press has cast the Suits actress in the role of Waity Kate 2.0, a princess-in-the-making who’s only missing that all-important ring.

But what if Meghan isn’t so sure about giving up her life in the States and the career she worked so hard for, just to spend the rest of her days as a figurehead’s bride?

Yes, we know it’s tough to imagine anyone passing up a shot at becoming royalty, especially someone who’s most famous for a part on a long-running series that receives most of its ratings from being left on in hospital waiting rooms.

But there are reports that Meghan is in the midst of a career renaissance as a result of her relationship with Harry 

According to Radar Online, Markle is being offered the sort of scripts that she spent most of her career dreaming about.

Specifically, the site claims that filmmakers Tyler Perry and Lee Daniels have planned a series of “leading lady” roles that they feel would take her career to the next level.

Apparently, this isn’t Madea Learns About Flag Day stuff, but meaty, dramatic roles that could finally give the Meghan the opportunity to show off her chops.

“Meghan knows there’s no going back once the engagement’s announced  so to have these incredible scripts land on her plate has really upset the apple cart,” a source tells Radar.

“She’s worked for all her life trying to succeed as an actress and getting these plum roles offered to her has unsettled things.”

Apple carts! Plum roles! The whole situation is both difficult and deliciously fruit-flavored.

The news comes just as several British tabloids announced that a Harry-Meghan engagement announcement should be coming any day now. 

Is it possible that Meghan would turn down an actual prince in order to maintain her independence?

If so, forget about the rinky-dink Tyler Perry stuff.

Meghan needs to sell her life story to an especially woke bunch Disney animators ASAP.

Source: celebweddings