As you’ve probably heard, Pippa Middleton married James Matthews over the weekend, in a ceremony that was pretty low-key by the standards of a “semi-royal” wedding.

Clearly, Pippa wanted to keep the guest list small, and we’re guessing the reason for that wasn’t that she wanted to save some cash.

(Pippa has some well-off in-laws.)

No, what’s more likely is that Pippa didn’t want to be overshadowed at her own wedding, which is perfectly understandable.

Unfortunately, when your sister is married to a dude who’s gonna be a king someday, that’s no easy feat.

In addition to the media’s obsession with Kate Middleton, Pippa had to contend with a new up-and-comer in the form of Prince Harry’s girlfriend Meghan Markle.

There were rumors that Meghan would not be invited to the wedding, but it was widely assumed that the Pipster would cave when the time came.

But in a move that proves once and for all that the Brits are the undisputed masters of passive-aggressive shade, Pippa stuck to her no MegMar policy … kind of.

Witnesses and photos from the big day show that Meghan was not in attendance at Pippa’s ceremony.

But she did attend the reception, showing up shotgun in Harry’s silver Audi.

So it sounds like some sort of royal compromise was reached, wherein Meghan would be permitted to sit through the awkward groomsmen toasts but not to watch Pippa and James exchange vows.

Meg made out like a bandit on this deal, as everyone knows the ceremony is just the boring part you have to suffer through in order to get to the open bar.

People magazine consulted an etiquette expert in order to determine if this is an unusual arrangement, because that’s the sort of thing People magazine does in this sort of situation:

“I would not be surprised if Prince Harry was not given a plus one, as the wedding guest list would have most likely been made in fall of last year when Prince Harry’s relationship with Meghan was not as public,” the expert said.

“I typically recommend if someone is married, engaged, considers themselves to have a serious significant other, or is traveling in for the wedding, they should receive a plus one.”

So there you have it.

It’s acceptable to not invite any basic cable legal drama stars to your ceremony as long as you hit them with a free overcooked filet mignon afterward.

Valuable info just in time for wedding season.

Source: celebweddings