Congratulations are in order for Meghan Markle.

The actress is officially part of the Royal Family!

Because she and Prince Harry really are engaged and a wedding is being planned and all of Great Britain is about to shut down for the next several months?


Because Markle is finally the subject of wild pregnancy speculation.

And let’s just say Kate Middleton can relate, many, many, many, MANY times over.

According to the latest OK! Weekly cover story, Markle may be expecting her first child with Harry.

(It would also be the rising star’s first child overall.)

As you can see below, the front page of this issue screams “Meghan Tells Princess Kate: I’m Having Harry’s Baby!”

It claims that Markle made this “secret confession” during a “girls’ night out” to Middleton, which may be the hardest part of this entire story to believe.

Could Harry have knocked up his girlfriend?

Sure. They’re probably having sex and mistakes happen.

But do Markle and Middleton enjoy drunken nights out alone? LOL, no!

According to anonymous source – who are totally real and not remotely made up by editors – Meghan and Markle managed to sneak into a London pub without anyone identifying them.

And, once they were inside, the alcohol and the conversation flowed freely.

“By the end of the evening, which the insider says stretched till 1 a.m., Meghan had confessed to Kate that she’s so in love with Prince Harry, 32, she’d have his baby tomorrow if she could!” writes the tabloid.

This source is then quoted as saying the following:

“Meghan told Kate that, as far as she’s concerned, they should start trying [to conceive] as soon as they’ve announced their engagement.

“She’s got baby fever!”

So, just to emphasize, OK! isn’t actually reporting that Markle is pregnant.

It’s claiming (falsely, we’re sure) that she simply told Kate Middleton that she wants to get pregnant someday soon. That’s a pretty big difference.

Markle should probably get used to these sorts of rumors.

As the likely future wife of Prince Harry, she’ll be subjected to scrutiny that she’ll probably never fully adjust to.

If she thinks Suits fans are passionate, wait until she meets Royal Family followers!

For now, Markle has managed to avoid any real scandal.

She hasn’t really said anything in public, either, ever since her romance with Harry went viral late last year.

But those tabloids and newspapers continue to wonder and write anyway, even alleging that Markle and Middleton are engaged in some kind of feud.

And that pretty much explains what Markle is in for:

She’s going out for drinks and sharing major secrets with Middleton… or she’s engaged in a rivalry with the future Queen. There’s really no way for Markle to win.

The best thing she can do is lay low, use protection when having sex until she really is prepared to conceive and simply enjoy her time with the man she loves.

Source: celebweddings