As far as we know, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are not engaged.

Fans of the couple have been waiting for Harry to pop the question for months, but either he’s still waiting for the right time, or he and Meg aren’t quite ready to share their big news with the public just yet.

But either way, it seems marriage is definitely in the cards for these two.

Fans want them married yesterday, of course, but Meg and Harry are taking their time and adhering to royal protocol.

You see, when a prince pops the question, he doesn’t just slip a ring in his girlfriend’s dollar margarita at Applebee’s.

No, Harry and Meg can’t get hitched until about a dozen people sign off on the idea.

It’s an outdated and somewhat ridiculous process, but unfortunately, Markle has to jump through quite a few hoops before she gets a ring.

Meghan has already met the Queen and reportedly secured her approval, but that’s only the beginning.

Sources say Meghan recently began sticking to the royal dress code (pants and long skirts only, as apparently knees would offend the peasants, or something), and it seems that’s not the only way that Meghan is being encouraged to change her lifestyle.

Meghan currently stars on the USA Network legal drama Suits, but she’s reportedly switching gears with an eye toward becoming a full-time royal.

“She is looking at the future and definitely feels she has come to the end of her acting career. She feels it’s time to move on and do something different,’ a source close to Markle tells Vanity Fair.

“It was always her intention to focus on her humanitarian work, but I think her relationship with Harry has accelerated things moving in that direction.”

Yes, Meghan is no stranger to philanthropy, and she’s long devoted her free time to helping others.

Now, however, she’ll able to commit herself to charity work full time.

Kate Middleton is currently one of her nation’s most high-profile advocates for the less fortunate, and it seems Meg has every intention of following suit when she moves to London, which will reportedly happen next month.

It’s a calling that doesn’t offer the same glitz and glamour of starring on a basic cable legal drama, but we’re sure Meghan will adapt.

And we bet returning home to your fully-staffed castle really takes the sting out of spending your days with the unwashed masses.

Source: celebweddings