Poor Meghan Markle.

Not only did she miss out on attending Pippa Middleton’s big fancy wedding, but she also has what could very likely be the shadiest sibling of all time.

It’s a good thing she has the hot prince to soothe her during these trying times, right?

And tons of money, tons of beauty, the prestige of being on Suits …

So things aren’t too bad.

But still, people have been talking about what happened last Saturday with Pippa Middleton’s wedding, and they don’t seem too keen to stop talking anytime soon.

As we’ve heard, though Prince Harry is widely rumored to be on the brink of proposing to Meghan, Pippa wouldn’t allow him to bring her to the wedding ceremony.

Instead, she came with him to the reception — a nice compromise, we think.

After all, Pippa isn’t dumb, she knows that if Meghan were to show up to the church, all eyes would be on her. It’s not wrong for her to want to be the center of attention on her most special of days.

But even though it all makes sense and we’re sure Meghan wasn’t spending Saturday morning crying tears of heartache and loneliness, her creepy sister Samantha is still trying to make a big deal about it.

Remember Samantha? She’s Meghan’s estranged sister who’s apparently seen her once in the past two decades.

When Meghan began dating Harry, Samantha saw a chance for fame, and so she began going after Meghan on social media, telling everyone who would listen about how awful she is.

She’s also working on a tell-all, tentatively titled The Diary of Princess Pushy’s Sister.

And now she’s giving interviews — and oddly enough, this time she seems to be defending Meghan.

Samantha spoke to Radar Online, and she really got into the Pippa wedding drama, saying “For the royal family to exclude her from the wedding is in very poor taste.”

Pippa isn’t “the royal family” by any means, but sure, we’re listening.

“To ignore Meghan at the ceremony and for photographs is pure snobbery,” she went on. “She should have been there. She’s classy, and her dress was designed as a one-off.”

“Diana would be appalled to see how Harry’s true love was treated.”

Bringing in Princess Diana to defend the honor of “Harry’s true love” … you know Samantha is very serious about this.

You’re probably also noticing that this is quite a change in tune for her — she’s calling Meghan “Princess Pushy” in a book title, she’s not exactly a fan.

But, as Samantha explains, “I haven’t always agreed with some of the things my sister has done but she’s a victim here.”

Sure, honey. Whatever you say.

Source: celebweddings