For weeks now, we’ve been hearing rumors that Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are secretly engaged.

According to those who believe the reports, there’s good reason for the couple’s secrecy.

Royal engagements can be messy affairs that require the approval of numerous parties.

Sources say Meghan met the Queen last week, and many believe Harry asked for his grandmother’s blessing to marry Markle.

It was initially reported that several Royals weren’t crazy about the idea of a Harry-Meghan marriage.

They had nothing against Meghan personally, the insiders claimed, they were just a bit put off by the PR nightmares that might stem from Harry marrying an American actress.

And now, it looks as though the concerned parties might be seeing their worst-case scenario come true.

For obvious reason, there’s intense interest in Meghan’s personal life on both sides of the pond.

This has resulted in numerous ridiculous tabloid rumors, such as the one that had Meghan cheating on Harry.

Americans who weren’t previously Royal watchers have taken a greater interest in Meghan than in Harry’s previous girlfriends, not only because it really looks as though the couple is actually headed for the altar, but also because she’s the star of a long-running American television series.

(That airs on the USA network, no less!)

Now, Meghan’s the other stars of Suits are beginning to experience the complications that can arise from having a future Royal as a co-worker.

Life & Style is reporting today that actor Patrick J. Adams was forced to delete his entire Instagram account after posting a photo of Meghan.

Sources say Adams posted a photo of himself and Markle on set, with a caption reading:

“Ross and Rachel — the next generation.”

Yes, that was all it took for fans to start commenting about the possibility of Meghan cheating on Harry with Adams, or of Adams and Markle hooking up in the past.

Marrying a prince might be a pretty common fantasy, but it looks like Meghan is already experiencing the downside, and she and Harry aren’t even officially engaged yet.

Perhaps that’s why she’s avoiding the press at all cost these days.

“I don’t read any press,” Meghan said in a recent interview.

“I haven’t even read press for Suits. The people who are close to me anchor me in knowing who I am. The rest is noise.”

That’s probably a wise move.

Source: celebweddings