NBC appears to have a royally big problem on its hands.

According to an interesting new report, Megyn Kelly knows where she wants to be this spring: In London. 

Right in the thick of the most romantic and publicized wedding to hit Great Britain since Prince William exchanged vows with Kate Middleton.

Yes, Kelly wants to cover the Meghan Markle-Prince Harry nuptials.

She wants to be overseas, right alongside Today Show co-hosts Savannah Guthrie and Hoda Kotb, filling viewers in on the mood of the crowd, the designer of Markle’s dress and all the other pressing details related to this monumental event.

There’s just one problem:

Kelly’s bosses don’t want here there.


“NBC is going all out for their royal wedding coverage and has only the best correspondents with insider knowledge about the couple and everything going on behind the scenes,” an insider claims to Radar Online.

Kelly, it seems, does not fit this description.

In fact, NBC News President Noah Oppenheim “personally vetoed the request,” Radar writes.

The network is intent on putting together an entire team to be on hand for the wedding and, no doubt, for the days leading up to it.

Kensington Palace has confirmed that Markle will wed Harry on May 19, 2018, with Markle planning on breaking from tradition during her big day.

That’s the sort of major scoop NBC wants to make sure it, ummm, scoops up.

Why wouldn’t it want Kelly to be part of this investigative unit? Per this same network source:

“With NBC putting millions of dollars of resources into the wedding coverage, the last thing that anyone wants is Megyn to be there and say something completely inappropriate on the air which would create its own controversy.”

Kelly’s tenure at her new place of employ has not exactly gone smoothly to date, that much is certain.

She recently received very harsh coverage for the way she BLASTED Jane Fonda on air, slamming the veteran actress for being a hypocrite.

Ratings for Kelly’s hour of Today have also been very weak and there’s been chatter that others at NBC are bitter over how much money she’s making.

Especially when this money is not translating into popularity or viewership.

Overall, folks just don’t seem too keen on Kelly pretending like she’s Kelly Ripa or some TV personality who can casually comment on the news and/or share funny stories from her personal life.

Not after she spent years stirring up controversy as a conservative anchor on Fox News.

This is the fear of higher-ups at NBC apparently.

“She would somehow manage to upstage the royal wedding, and her bosses just aren’t going to take a chance on that,” Radar alleges.

Kelly’s rant against Fonda really does appear to have rubbed executives the wrong way.

“What Megyn is doing is suicide,” an insider previously stated to Radar Online, warning that the host “is welcome to kill her show but she will not be allowed to take down the Today show with her.”

And ain’t no way she’s taking down the MegHar wedding, either!

Source: celebweddings